Company Electrical measurement equipment and substation diagnostics.

Amperis is a company specialising in state-of-the-art instrumentation for the diagnosis and testing of electrical substations. The company is located in the northwest of Spain, in the Polígono Industrial das Gándaras in the city of Lugo. After completing the construction and since November 2017 the company is located in the new headquarters, located at 14 Barbeito María Street. The new Amperis headquarters has offices and a new, more modern warehouse, with more internal conveniences and more facilities for the exit and entry of goods, with the aim of always providing a better service to the customer.

The entire organisation is involved in a strong commitment to quality, which is embodied in the quality policy that is present in all offices and common areas, the quality of the company has been audited by SGS and has been awarded the certificate ISO-9001:2015. On the other hand, the multinational supplier qualification company Achilles has qualified Amperis Products SL for supplies to electrical companies in Spain, Portugal and Italy, see the certificate here.

The quality and reliability of Amperis products is demonstrated by the fact that the equipment has been sold in 60 countries. See here the list of countries.

The Amperis trademark is registered at European level and for the exclusive use of the company Amperis Products SL, see here the accreditation title.

As a sign of Amperis' commitment to the environment, the company has registered as a producer of electronic equipment with the Ministry of Industry (REI-RAEE number 5168), and has contracted a foundation for the recycling of end-of-life equipment, see certificate here.

Amperis is working on a project supported by IGAPE to improve systems, improve product information, new sales channels, positioning of its products in foreign markets. Among other things they are updating dozens of catalogs, uploading to the web with an innovative static web platform with technology programmed in GOlang that allows the fastest possible download (essential to have a good navigation on all continents), plus an online store (under classic WooCommerce technology) in which they intend to concentrate the sale of handheld instrumentation. On the systems side, the mail platform on our own servers is connected to Microsoft Dynamics sales management software, this allows a great interaction that facilitates the monitoring of offers, orders and resolution of technical incidents.

With the support of IGAPE, the positioning of the products at international level is being analyzed, which will contribute to define the future strategy and a great effort is being made in positioning in the four languages in which the web is available.

The support in positioning is giving spectacular results, in May 2021 the visits to the website are almost twice as high as in May 2019 (before starting the project). Sales in 2020 grew by 3% compared to 2019, this rise although small is significant as it was a year where the confinements that occurred globally ended up producing a decrease in capital goods investment.

Amperis expects to grow significantly in foreign markets thanks to this support.