AMPERIS ACBX Battery Simulator

AMPERIS ACBX Battery Simulator

Testing the operation and performance of truck loaders has been a constant problem for the technical services of these equipments. To be able to perform this test they must have at least one battery. This is a problem if the technician has to test the chargers while the trucks are in service.

Furthermore, using a battery makes it impossible to test the full charge curve quickly, and it is complicated to adjust the discharge options and check all functions under different working conditions. The equipment is an electronic device, designed to test battery chargers of any voltage and power. It simulates the behaviour of a battery during the charging process and allows the technician the possibility to check the performance of any charger in a fast, safe and accurate way. The equipment eliminates the need to connect a battery to the charger in order to test it; it is simple and flexible. It can also be used to discharge batteries (over 24V) and for other purposes. On the front panel of the equipment you can find the following items:-Digital Voltmeter-Analogic Amperemeter-Test Voltage Selector (12-24-36-48-72-80 V)-Voltage Fine Tuning Potentiometer -Current Selection Potentiometer (0-200A)

High frequency IGBT regulator, which allows the equipment to work with constant current and voltage.

Robust construction for maximum reliability in all industrial applications.

Compact and portable design. With wheels for easy movement.

Intelligent protection system (includes soft start protection against polarity reversal and overheating)

Programmable digital panel, controlled by microprocessor.

It can be used to test chargers of any type of current and voltage. It can be used to discharge batteries of any voltage and capacity (over 24V).

Digital voltmeter and analog ammeter

CEcCSAus Certificate

The usual way to use the equipment when testing a charger is as follows:

The user selects the battery voltage to be simulated, using the appropriate potentiometer, while the digital display shows the current value. An independent potentiometer is available to select the maximum current that the equipment can absorb.

The user connects the charger to be tested to the input of the equipment. The charger controller will detect that a battery is connected and start the charging process;

The equipment keeps the voltage constant at the selected value, while the analog ammeter indicates the current supplied by the charger. If the current tends to exceed the set maximum value, the equipment increases the voltage to limit the current.

The user can modify the current and voltage freely, in order to simulate the behaviour under any load conditions. It is possible to get the real curve of the charger in 1 minute.

Special features, for maximum reliability and flexibility.

Self-testing of power electronic circuits under load, with automatic stop in case of failure.

Thermal protection of all electronic components and the resistor bank: in case of overtemperature (e.g. problems with fans or blocked air ducts) the device switches to stand-by mode.

Double casing for maximum thermal insulation: during operation, the external part of the casing is kept at a low temperature (maximum temperature <10°C).

Hard wheels, with ball bearings, metal frame and rubber covers.

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