IBAR Series Battery Tester

IBAR Series Battery Tester

IBAR determines the health of stationary batteries by measuring internal resistance and voltage, as well as cell connection resistance values. The measurements obtained by IBAR, together with cell temperature and specific gravity data can provide a detailed analysis and assessment of the overall condition of the batteries.

Readings are taken in two seconds, using the included pin probes.

IBAR allows the user to quickly and easily define upper and lower measurement thresholds or tolerance ranges. During the test process, the measured values are automatically compared with the predefined threshold limits, producing a PASS, FAIL or WARNING indication. All test data is automatically stored in the device's internal memory for later analysis. The Amperis software allows the user to quickly and easily import data to compare results and perform detailed trend analysis, as well as generate reports in different formats, such as . pdf, . doc and . rtf.


The list of the instrument application includes:

  • Quick health check of stationary lead-acid batteries and battery trend analysis
  • Simultaneous measurement of internal resistance and battery voltage (U+R mode)*
  • Measurement of the cell connection resistance for checking the battery cell connections*.

Amperis Software

Using the Amperis software suite, all results can be presented in multiple ways, such as table forms and scan and/or line graphs, for easier cell trending and result analysis.

For detailed comparisons and analysis of the measured data, user-defined limits for internal battery resistance and voltage as well as cell temperature are displayed in the graphical scan view along with the measured results.

The software provides an alarm notification when it detects cells with resistance, voltage or temperature levels outside predefined limits.

A test report can be generated from the collected data and customized by the user for a complete assessment of the battery health status.

Numerical and graphical results can be exported from the software in selectable formats such as Excel spreadsheet, PDF, Word or Rich Text Format. In addition, the import of other types of data formats (.jpeg, .png, . doc) into a standardized report is also provided.

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