NEXUS 1252 Powerline Analyzer

NEXUS 1252 Powerline Analyzer

From the Industrial Giants, Fortune 100 companies to municipal utilities, an energy management and power monitoring program is critical to their success. The Nexus® 1252, the most advanced monitoring product, provides the global picture of power quality and usage from any metered point within a distribution network, enabling users to make power-related decisions quickly and effectively.

Monitoring and Billing with Reliable Information

  • High Accuracy Billing Meter
  • 06% Accuracy in Energy (% of Reading)
  • DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus
  • Advanced Power Quality Recording
  • Touch-Screen Graphics
  • Power Quality Reports By Software AI Reports
  • Ethernet Connectivity (100BASET) Integrated with Rapid Response™
  • Field upgradeable (V-Switch™)
  • Technology designed specifically for Electricity Companies and Industry.
  • Real-time Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis for rapid event detection
  • Peak Demand Management and Energy Efficiency
  • Reliable access to all information via Ethernet or Modem (with Dial out/ Dial in)
  • Standardized Power Quality Analysis with EN50160 and IEC61000-4-30 techniques
  • The ideal solution for transformer and switchgear monitoring High Performance Billing Features
  • Extensive Load Profile Capacity
  • System Event Recording: The meter records any event that threatens the unauthorized operation of the meter such as
    • Re Beginnings
    • Changes to the Programming
    • Access Changes
    • Time and Date Adjustment
    • Meter On/Off
    • Firmware Changes
  • Line Loss Compensation and Transformation for Iron and Copper
  • Integration and Accumulation of Energy through digital inputs, for different loads or consumables such as Gas and Water
  • 20-year Calendar of Bidirectional Consumption and Demand, with Tariff Adjustment
  • Recording and Integration of Max / Min values with time stamp for all variables
  • Coincidental Readings: Identification of necessary Capacitive Stages, Peak Inefficiencies, etc.
  • Inviolable access key configurable by user
  • Predictive Demand: Using the rate of change, the meter predicts the level of demand for the next interval, ideal for Peak Demand Cutting.
  • Compatible with MV90 Software

Accu Self-Calibration Measurement Technology - Measure™

The patented Self-Calibration Measurement Technology (Accu-Measure™) allows the meter, once installed, to

maintain their original accuracy through time and temperature changes. This technique is unique to EIG and utilizes precision measurement technology and highly accurate internal references.

Features of Accu-Measure™:

  • Dual 16 Bit Analog-to-Digital Converters
  • Dual Internal References for Periodic Self-Calibration
  • Internal Temperature Logging for Deviation Correction

Technology V-Switch™

The Nexus®1252 meter is equipped with EIG's exclusive V-Switch™ technology, which makes it possible to field upgrade the meter without removing it from service, which it includes:

  • V1: Nexus® 1252 Meter Complete with Basic Analysis
  • V2: Adds analysis capability with EN50160 and IEC 61000-4-30 techniques

Waveform Recording and Detailed Power Quality Reports

The EIG NEXUS® 1252 meter is one of the best fault and voltage disturbance recorders in the industry. This instrument is capable of capturing the history of voltage performance and power quality events in on-board memory for detailed forensic analysis later.

  • 16-Bit Fault and Waveform Recorder
  • Records up to 512 Samples / Cycle
  • Voltage and current recording with Pre and Post Fault events
  • High Resolution (16-Bit Analog/Digital Converters)
  • Available Hardware and Software Shots
  • Individual Harmonic quantities up to the order of 255th for Voltage and Current
  • Real Time Harmonic magnitudes up to the order of 128
  • THD% and K-Factor calculations
  • Power Quality Analysis to the highest order in the harmonic magnitude spectrum
  • High Speed Input Triggering
  • Recording Waveforms at the Input Change
  • Digitals
  • Digital Events and Time-stamped Waveforms
  • (1 msec)
  • Sub Cycle Transient Recording: Transients cause very costly intermittent downtime, Sub Cycle disturbance analysis allows:
  • Record transients less than one cycle for Voltage and Current
  • Noise monitoring of capacitive stages, STRS, SCRs and other harmful devices
  • Independent CBEMA/ITIC curve recording
  • Fast and Intuitive detection of total events (SAGS, SURGES etc.) in magnitude and duration graph
  • Fasorial analysis:
  • The meter records and presents in real time, the voltage and current phasors and their angles for the verification of the integrity of the system.

Analysis EN50160 / IEC 61000-4-30 (Update with V-Switch™ 2)

The measurement industry has standardized Power Quality monitoring, so that the user has a definitive and intuitive report, which shows the power quality diagnosis consistently among equipment manufacturers. With the V-Switch™ 2, the NEXUS® 1252 is able to run reports according to EN50160 / IEC 61000-4-30 techniques, using the 10 most important indexes in the field of power quality analysis, so the user can determine the reliability of the evaluation point.

The Ten Fundamental Aspects of Power Quality Analysis

  • Frequency Fluctuations
  • Voltage Fluctuations (Slow)
  • Voltage Fluctuations (Fast)
  • Flicker (Flicker)
  • Voltage supply imbalance
  • Harmonic Magnitude
  • %THD
  • Voltage Dips (DIPs)
  • Voltage Interruptions (Short Duration)
  • Voltage Interruptions (Long Duration)

Registration capability of the NEXUS® 1252

  • Two Historical Records with advanced historical storage capacity for any desired parameter.
  • LOG1 Primary History Logging - Recording of any meter parameter, up to 64 different variables at user-defined intervals
  • LOG2 Secondary History Logging - Recording of any meter parameter, up to 64 different variables at user-defined intervals, plus EN50160 logging capability.
  • Out-of-Limit Records: Stores any out-of-limit condition event at 1 msec. resolution, to determine sequence of occurrence, which guarantees an accurate description of any power disturbance.
  • Waveform Registration (Event Shooting)
  • Waveform recording and logging up to 512 samples per cycle
  • Records and recordings with 16-bit resolution
  • Recording off-limit condition events and their return condition
  • Configurable event length from 7 to thousands of Cycles
  • Simultaneously, the states of the 8 high-speed inputs are recorded (Circuit breaker and protection trip time analysis)
  • CBEMA/ITIC Log: This Log captures magnitude and duration of Voltage and Current Surges/Sags for all Power Quality events and allows the user to plot ITIC and CBEMA curves, relating magnitude and duration of events occurred within the power system.
  • Relay Output Recording: Records activations of external relays (modules), with time stamp and reason for the relay trip.
  • Status Input Logs: Time-stamped recording of any status changes to high-speed inputs, with user-assigned label
  • EN50160 registration (V2 only): Generates Power Quality reports according to methods included in IEC61000-4-30 and EN50160.

AiREPORTS EXT - Diagnosing Electrical Problems Using Artificial Intelligence

The AiReports EXT software is capable of automatically generating event analysis reports.

  • It uses Artificial Intelligence to study the characteristics of
  • waveforms
  • It evaluates and classifies information recorded on NEXUS® meters.
  • Severity Classification of Events
  • Identification of Possible Impacts
  • Recommendation of possible solutions / corrective actions
  • Prepares automatic reports of all Power Quality events
  • Proprietary file converter to PQDIF format, making it possible to read information from the NEXUS® in EPRI software.
  • Proprietary file converter to COMTRADE format, standardizes failure analysis formats.

Internal Communications for Each Application

4 Isolated High Speed Ports:

  • RS485 Serial Ports (one selectable to RS232): up to 115kBauds
  • Standard Protocols: Modbus RTU/ASCII and DNP 3.0 Level 2
  • Waveform events and records available in Modbus format
  • 8 Internal High Speed Digital Inputs:
  • They automatically record whether the circuit is externally excited (wet)
  • Accepts up to 300 VDC (wet connection)
  • The meter supplies the necessary voltage for control applications (dry connection)
  • Auxiliary voltage (5th channel voltage) high speed Synchro Check for:
  • Neutral to Ground Voltage Monitoring
  • Additional Voltage Reading
  • Synchronization Schemes
  • Obtaining frequency, magnitude and phase angle of both sides of a breaker, or between Generator and Voltage Bar
  • DNP 3.0 Level 2 PLUS The most advanced in the industry, meets Level 1 and 2, additionally:
  • Up to 136 Measurements ( 64 Binary Inputs, 8 Binary Counters, 64 Analog Inputs) can be assigned in DNP 3.0 mapped direction per user
  • Up to 16 relays and 8 restarts can be controlled via DNP
  • Report by Exception" Deadband Processing (DNP Events) adjusted by point
  • 250 Events Available, with combinations of up to four events (Binary Input Changeover, Frozen Counter, Counter Changeover, Analog Changeover)
  • Freeze Commands: Frozen, Frozen/Unrecognized, Frozen with Time, Frozen with Time/Unrecognized
  • Time Frozen Command allows the meter to have an internal freeze counter with associated events
  • Adjustable secondary scale optimizes resolution in the RTU
  • Third Party Certification Available
  • New programmable secondary scales allow the user to maximize 16-bit analog input resolution accurately, providing better resolution to SCADA systems.
  • Rapid Ethernet Response™
  • The Ethernet 10/100BaseT communication port model INP200 with Rapid technology Response™ allows simultaneous communication of up to 12 users through Modbus TCP protocol. The DNP 3.0 over TCP protocol is also available through this port. Rapid technology Response™ accelerates and optimizes the download time and the integrity of the information.
  • Analogue Transducer Outputs
  • 1mAON4/1mAON8: 4 or 8 Analog 0-1mA outputs, auto
  • powered, scalable two-way.
  • 20mAON4/20mAON8: 4 or 8 Analogous 4-20mA outputs, auto
  • powered, scalable, two-way.
  • Wiring: Common Mode.
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale
  • Calibration: Auto Adjust
  • Scale: Programmable
  • Coupling: up to 4 Analog Output Modules per Nexus® Meter
  • More than 2 modules require external power supply model PSIO
  • Dry Contact Relay Digital Outputs:
  • 4RO1: 4 Relay Outputs, 5 Amps, 125 AC/DC
  • Form C - "Latching" relays.
  • Coupling: Up to 4 modules per Nexus® 1252.
  • Solid State Digital Outputs:
  • 4PO1: 4 Solid State Outputs,
  • Maximum pulse rate: 20 pulses per second
  • Coupling: Up to 4 modules per Nexus® 1252.
  • Accessories for External Modules:
  • PSIO: Additional power supply for up to 4 modules, required when connecting 3 or more external displays and/or modules (See Manual on VA consumption)
  • MBIO: Mounting accessory for External Module (ordered separately)
Download the catalogue: NEXUS 1252 Powerline Analyzer.

Download the catalogue of NEXUS 1252 Powerline Analyzer.

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