AMPI-540 Multifunctional Electrical Installation Parameter Meter

AMPI-540 Multifunctional Electrical Installation Parameter Meter

Much more than a multi-function meter

  • the largest 7" touch panel on the market - outstanding ergonomics and ease of use
  • removable microSD card - easy increase of memory capacity
  • lithium-ion battery - longer meter operation
  • possibility to add a voice memo or a photo to the measurement - multimedia description of the measurement site*
  • measurement of all parameters of the protection against electric shock - one instrument instead of several
  • fast fault loop measurement with RCD switch without disconnection (up to several seconds) - time saving
  • self-test - possibility of automatic measurements in one sequence* - simplification of measurements
  • quick path from measurement to report - time saving
  • three-phase recording of power network parameters - basic diagnosis of power quality
  • reading of current network parameter data - immediate evaluation of the device being studied
  • parameters measured in class S of EN 61000-4-30 - high measurement accuracy
  • energy loss calculator * - quick diagnosis of potential savings

Product features This instrument can be used to carry out all measurements on demand electrical installations in accordance with the regulations in force:

  • Fault loop impedance (also in circuits with RCD breakers)
  • RCD switch parameters
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earthing resistance (4 measurement methods + soil resistivity measurement)
  • Continuity of protective and equipotential connections
  • Lighting measurement
  • Phase sequence test
  • Test of direction of rotation of a motor

The instrument can record the parameters of 50/60 Hz power networks in class S of EN 61000-4-30:

  • Voltages L1, L2, L3 - average values in a range up to 500 V,
  • Currents L1, L2, L3 - average values, current measurement in a range up to 3 kA (depending on the current clamps used)
  • Frequency in the range 40 Hz - 70 Hz
  • Active (P), reactive (Q), apparent (S) power
  • Power Factor (PF), cosφ
  • Harmonics (up to 40 in voltage and current)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion THD for current and voltage

Employment The MPI-540 meter is intended for testing of domestic and industrial electrical installations. With the help of the instrument it is possible to perform measurements, the results of which determine the safety status of the installation. The user has also the possibility to record the parameters of the electrical networks located in such installations. This allows to control the quality of electric energy and to measure the parameters of the protection against electric shocks using a universal device. The test function of differential switches in Auto mode allows considerable automation of the measurements, as well as measurement sequences initially programmed by the manufacturer (called self-test), which can also be extended with own sequences. The AUTO ISO-1000C adapter enables the automatic performance of insulation resistance measurements on 3-, 4- and 5-wire conductors. Device possibilities The meter combines the measurement possibilities of various devices, while also ensuring good accuracy. All of this makes the meter stand out for its above-average possibilities when it comes to functionality. Ease of reading The device is equipped with an 800x480 pixel, 7" diagonal, TFT LCD colour touch screen, which makes it easy to operate and to read the parameters and the routes it has been plotted. Thanks to this screen size, a greater amount of information can be presented, which is available to the meter user at any time. Users will surely like the right size of the displayed symbols and the results readable under any conditions. Integrated help system Help screens are integrated in the device with measurement diagrams. This makes it easy and quick to check how to connect a certain circuit depending on the type of measurement made. Three-phase recording of network parameters - reading of current data The instrument has a three-phase power supply parameter recorder with a mode for reading the current parameters and the possibility of recording power supply parameters such as voltage, current, power, harmonics, THD. The meter allows the reading of the selected parameters and their graphic presentation on the screen in real time. These parameters are measured independently from the record stored in the memory card. In this mode the user can see:

  • Diagrams of voltage and intensity oscillation forms (oscilloscope)
  • Voltage and current diagrams as a function of time
  • Phasorial diagram,
  • Measurements of numerous parameters in table form,
  • Harmonic diagram in current and voltage

Communication and software A very strong point of the instrument is the large number of communication interfaces and the compatibility with external software. Through the USB port, the removable SD memory card or through wireless communication (bluetooth, wifi), measurement data can be sent to a computer. The Amperis Reports Plus program must be used to generate a report of the measurements in the field of electric shock protection. The recording of the downloaded data in the simplest formats and the printing allows us to use the Amperis Reader, which is included in the standard equipment of the meter. The Amperis Analiza program is used to read and analyse the data from the logger.

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