Ohmmeter PDRM-1A

Ohmmeter PDRM-1A

The PDRM-1A ohmmeter is very accurate for measuring low resistances. You can measure values from 1µΩ to 200Ω. For this reason, it allows a wide variety of measurements to be made with a single instrument.

Advantages of PDRM-1A

  • Much lighter and more manageable than other equipment in its category.
  • Airtight and shock resistant. This equipment is suitable for all types of application: workshop or laboratory.
  • Its screen with liquid crystals and lights allows its use in dark places.
  • Low current injection for applications requiring small measuring contacts.
  • A wide variety of probes adapted to specific types of measurements are available.
  • Applications

Application example

Quality control of grounding (Malt) and power bars The earthing system used by the technical teams when working off-grid is their main guarantee of safety. It is very important for both manufacturers and operators that the quality of this grounding be regularly checked. With its relative measurement mode, the PDRM-1A makes it possible to take a measurement on a reference ground and to compare it to another measurement obtained on a different ground. Thus, it is possible to check whether the deviation between the two measurements is acceptable or not.

Other applications

  • Quality control of castings.
  • Control of the welded joints with a strong current and control of the mechanical joints
  • Control of the electrodes.
  • Checking the circuit breakers and power fuses.


The PDRM-1A uses the four-point resistance measurement system. This system consists of injecting a current with the help of two cables. These cables are connected to each end of the joint to be tested. The operator then installs the cables that allow reading the voltage on each side of the part to be tested in order to measure the resistance. This process eliminates any uncertainty as to the contact resistances. The device has a microprocessor that allows the elimination of phase shift and parasitic voltages. Thanks to its unique filtering system, the PDRM-1A can be used in the presence of strong magnetic fields.

Technical specifications

  • Four-point measurement system.
  • Three measurement currents, 1st, 100Ma and 5Ma, which are automatically adjusted.
  • Automatic interruption of the device after 2 minutes of inactivity.
  • 30-second automatic light interruption.
  • The results can be easily read.
  • Kelvin clamps included.

Technical specifications Ohmetro Amperis PDRM-1ª


  • 1% of reading, ± 2 counts


  • 1μΩ to 200Ω


  • 4¾ figures


  • six (6) AA batteries included


  • Liquid crystals 128 x64 points
  • 60 x 41 mm (2.31 x 1.62 inches)


  • (back) 2 intensities (100%, 50%)


  • 3 x 114.3 x 50.8 mm (8 x 4.5 x 2 inches)


  • 86 kg (1.9 pounds)

Optional equipment

  • Reference resistance 9.5µΩ.
  • Nylon protection case.
  • Suitcase for transport in ABS.
Download the catalogue: Ohmmeter PDRM-1A.

Download the catalogue of Ohmmeter PDRM-1A.

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