PADD Lightning Rod Flaw Detector

PADD Lightning Rod Flaw Detector

We developed the PADD for the detection of internal and external partial discharges on metal oxide lightning rods. Defects can cause radio interference in communication systems or TV images, interference whose origin is very difficult to locate. We have developed a unique technology for detecting radio frequencies for use under voltage.

The PADD detects defects in lightning conductors installed on high-voltage networks, up to 69 kV.

The importance of time

It is very difficult to accurately detect the defective lightning rod causing radio interference using directional radio frequency detection products. With the PADD, you will be able to know exactly which lightning rod causes problems, thus replacing a single part. The PADD allows better management of the replacement time of the defective components.

The use of PADD in a lightning rod maintenance program helps to reduce customer complaints and costs for locating sources of interference by specialized employees.

Easy to use

The PADD is a very easy to use device that gives very precise results, allowing employees to make excellent decisions. The PADD must be in contact with the bare live wire, which is as close as possible to the lightning rod to be tested. Light signals indicate the level of partial discharges. A legend is available on the equipment, which allows very easy analysis of the results. A sound signal indicates a very high level of discharges or activities.

Technical specifications

  • 6 levels of partial discharges, distributed over 2 colors of three levels each:
  • The color BLUE indicates three low levels of partial discharge.
  • The colour RED indicates three high levels of partial discharge.
  • Visual and audio indication.
  • Adapter for insulated handling bar.
  • Alkaline battery included 9 volts.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Built-in self-test function.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Very light equipment adapted to use with tension.
Download the catalogue: PADD Lightning Rod Flaw Detector.

Download the catalogue of PADD Lightning Rod Flaw Detector.

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