Microhmmeter RMO-A

Microhmmeter RMO-A

Micrometer RMO-A (ENGLISH)

These devices can store internally up to 500 measurements marked with date and time. The equipment is accompanied by the DV-Win software to treat the data as an Excel sheet to show them as a diagram, passing the data via USB (or optionally via Bluetooth or RS232.

The RMO-A series performs a very efficient filtration, so it has a high capacity to cancel electromagnetic and electrostatic interferences in HV electric fields. It should be noted that these devices are equipped with thermal and overcurrent protection.


The RMO-A series are powerful ohmmeters:

  • RMO100A - test current from 5 to 100 A, weighs only 7 kg

  • RMO200A - test current from 5 to 200 A, weighs only 7 kg

  • RMO300A - test current from 5 to 300 A, weighs only 7.5 kg

  • RMO400A - test current from 5 to 400 A, weighs only 7.5 kg

  • RMO500A - test current from 5 to 500 A, weighs only 8 kg

  • RMO600A - test current from 5 to 600 A, weighs only 8 kg

Common features

  • Measuring range: 0.1 mΩ - 999.9 μΩ

  • Resolution: 0.1 μΩ

  • Typical accuracy: ± (0,1 % measurement + 0,1 % EC)Rmax function (pass/fail criterion)

  • Degree of protection: IP43

The equipment includes network cable, ground cable, USB cable and DV-Win PC software; and a variety of accessories are available: thermal printer, extension and power cables, carrying bags, etc.


The software included with the device offers several advanced features and allows full control of the test device. The continuous tests are updated allowing the user to record the test results at set time intervals. Results can be saved in various formats, test report generated or printed.


  • Power switches (including dead tank switches)

  • Disconnectors

  • Switches

  • Bar installation

  • Cable splices

  • Welding joints

  • Grounding

Benefits and features of the RMO-A series

  • Very high output power. This allows 2 main advantages: Wide resistance measurement range even with very high currents and allows the use of thinner and longer test leads, better adapted to customer requirements.

  • Filtered output current with low ripple (<1%)

  • High accuracy typical ± (0.1% rdg + 0.1% FS).

  • Very high resolution 0.1 μΩ

Advanced features available as options

  • Rmax function (pass/fail criteria enabled with DV-Win)

  • Thermal printer

  • Bluetooth communication

  • DTRtest mode (for automatic interreptor testing)

Download the catalogue: Microhmmeter RMO-A.

Download the catalogue of Microhmmeter RMO-A.

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