Dielectric strength meter Dielectrotest

Dielectric strength meter Dielectrotest

Dielectrotest A-2 dielectric strength meter

The Dielectrotest is a fully automatic dielectric oil meter for determining the breakdown voltage of insulating liquid. It is designed for both laboratory and field use for commissioning and maintenance purposes. The test standard is selected via menu.

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General features

  • The corresponding electrode type as well as the distance between electrodes can be displayed before starting the test.

Fully automatic oil analyser/gauge for laboratory and field use

  • Test voltage up to 100 kV
  • Pre-programmed test configurations according to international standards
  • Up to 10 user-configurable test sequences
  • Very short test interruption time (less than 1 ms): sample charring is avoided
  • Indication of individual stiffness, mean value and standard deviation
  • Graphical display with backlight
  • Easy operation of the device by means of 4 membrane keys
  • Menu for entering sample temperature and sample number if required
  • Multi-language menu
  • Data capture from PC via RS-232 interface
  • Glass container with lid and magnetic stirrer
  • Three types of electrodes available (mushroom, sphere or disc)
  • Adjustable electrode spacing
  • Built-in printer
  • Aluminium enclosure, the test chamber is electromagnetically shielded


The Dielectrotest is a fully automatic test device for measuring the breakdown voltage of insulating liquids. It is also called a spark meter or a bursting voltage meter. It has been designed both for laboratory and field use for commissioning and maintenance tasks. The test standard is selected via menu. The corresponding electrode type as well as the distance between electrodes can be displayed before starting the test.

After placing the glass container with the oil sample in the test chamber, the protective cover is closed. For operational safety, the test chamber lid is equipped with an interlock that disconnects the high voltage if it is opened during the test. When the test starts, both the oil temperature and a user identification number can be entered and will later be integrated in the test report. The test sequence according to the chosen test standard will run automatically.

The most common test sequences defined in the various international standards are stored in the equipment. Additionally, the user can define and store up to 10 test sequences with total freedom. Each oil sample is assigned a serial number if this number is not entered by the user. Once the test has been completed a detailed report is printed on the thermal printer. In addition to the standards used in the test the report contains information on the date, time, sample number, individual breakage values, media and standard deviation.

The last 20 tests are stored in the internal memory and can be retrieved and printed.

The results can also be downloaded to a PC using the additional PrintCom software. With PrintCom the results are stored on PC and can be printed out. PrintCom stores the results in Excel format. The operator can configure his own Excel form. It is very simple to create your own test protocol formats.

Most high-voltage transformers, cables, switches, transducers, capacitors and rectifiers use insulating oils both to dissipate thermal energy and to insulate conductive elements at different voltages. The quality of the dielectric oil must be checked at regular intervals to ensure a high life expectancy. The most important requirement for a dielectric oil is a high breakdown voltage. Dielectric strength meters or spark meters provide the determination of the breakdown voltage of dielectric oils and provide an early detection method for the reduction of insulating properties of oils.

Standard Accessories

  • 400 ml glass container with the chosen electrodes
  • Power supply cable
  • 2 stirring bars
  • 2 and 2.5 mm gap gauge
  • Agitator Removal Tweezers
  • 2 rolls of thermal paper
  • Operation manual in Spanish and English
  • Optional accessories
  • Pack of 10 rolls of thermal paper
  • Mushroom, spherical or disc type electrode pairs according to ASTM D877
  • PrintCom Software

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