Mini Degasifier AE865C

Mini Degasifier AE865C

Mini Degasser AE865C

This lightweight cart mounted Mini-Degasser uses the latest high vacuum technology for filtering, dewatering and degassing of insulating and dielectric fluids. The equipment is ideal for processing oil in transformers and other similar locations.



  • The scope of supply of this specification should include the design, manufacture and factory testing of Amperis model AE865C
  • The system, when received by the purchaser, must supply a fully functional unit and must comply with the agreed specifications.
  • Amperis shall provide all physical criteria, mechanical and electrical connections, piping diagrams and all data necessary for the use and maintenance of this equipment. Prior to shipment of the equipment, Amperis must provide a copy of the instruction manual, which will also be included with the shipment of the equipment. The manual shall contain the following:
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • Maintenance Information
  • Diagrams of the equipment (electrical, flow, physical criteria,... )
  • A list of recommended spare parts


  • Mounted on a cart with 250mm (10" ) tires for easy movement
  • Provided with connection for an optional vacuum controller
  • Operable without supervision
  • Final full vacuum <20 microns (0.025 mbar)
  • Use of the exclusive Amperis accelerator for high performance
  • Unit is supplied with power cable and 3m long hoses


  • An oil with a water content of 100ppm and an air saturation of 12% by volume should be cleaned by dehydration and degassing.
  • Dielectric strength by ASTM method D-877 shall not be less than 40kV with fresh oil
  • Total solubility of water content should be less than 10ppm as stated in ASTM Method D-1533-61 or D-1744-64 (Karl Fisher).
  • Total gas content shall not exceed 0.25% as stated in ASTM Method D-831-63 or D-2945-71
Download the catalogue: Mini Degasifier AE865C.

Download the catalogue of Mini Degasifier AE865C.

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