Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester OT-90

Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester OT-90

OT-90 test devices are designed to check the dielectric strength of insulating fluids. They are perfect for checking mineral and synthetic oils. Such devices are applied in laboratories of companies dealing with the manufacture, operation or service of transformers, oil circuit breakers, transformers and capacitors.

  • Oil tests up to 90 kV
  • Possibility of measuring both mineral and synthetic oils;
  • Tests according to the user's own program: test voltage value, voltage rise rate, test time and/or mixing time programmable;
  • Safety interlock to prevent inadvertent power connection when the lid is open;
  • Testing according to IEC60156 standard;
  • Ergonomic design that facilitates the correct performance of tests;
  • Automatic calculation of the average values of the measurements and the standard deviation;
  • Possibility of remote control from a computer, storage of results and printing of reports.

Technical data

  • Voltage ranges on test electrodes from 10 to 90 kV;
  • Normally, the device is equipped with spherical test electrodes with a diameter of 25.0mm;
  • Radio connector for communication with a computer;
  • Voltage rise rate: 2kV/s;
  • Precision of voltage measurements: 3%;
  • Mixing time: programmable.

Working condition:

  • Temperature: from 0 to +35ºC
  • Relative humidity: <80%
  • Supply voltage: 230 V (50±2 Hz);
  • Power: 0.5 kW;
  • Dimensions: 520×335×320;
  • Weight: 30 kg

OT-90 test devices are designed to check dielectric strength

Download the catalogue: Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester OT-90.

Download the catalogue of Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester OT-90.

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