Vacuum Oil-Purifiers AEHV

Vacuum Oil-Purifiers AEHV

AEHV Oil Degasser

The most important application of the high-vacuum degasser is in the field of high-voltage transmission and in the manufacture of electrical devices. In addition, the high vacuum process is used in the degassing of oil cables including poly-butanes. Outside the electrical industry, this process is used for the dehydration and degassing of oil for radar and electronic equipment, oil-sealed vacuum pumps, brake fluids, cooling oils - including phosphate esters and silicones. Amperis offers the AEHV Oil Degasser designed for maximum job efficiency, expertly proven performance, requires minimal maintenance and is fully serviced. All this is thanks to the full support of Amperis' specialist technicians, plus the "know-how" and thorough research that makes the AEHV a Unique Degasser. Designed for unattended operation and suitable for operation on energized equipment - full equipment monitoring is an option.


Description of the process:

  • The oil is introduced into the vacuum chamber, where water, air and dissolved gases and other low-boiling volatile contaminants are removed. Special chemically inert accelerator cartridges are used to perform the following functions in the vacuum chamber
    1. First, its detailed structural design allows the water to be quickly separated from the oil by the coalescer even before it reaches the evaporation state.
    2. Second, millions of glass fibers between 3-10 micrometers in diameter provide a large surface area for exposing the thin oil film to a vacuum.
    3. Third, sharp points of the fiberglass provide a quick release of oil gases and vapors.
    4. Fourth, the elements act as a proper filter by removing solid contaminants. The cartridges are easily replaceable.
  • This method is more efficient than the previous method, which used nebulizers and baffles that required several passes to obtain the same degree of degassing.


  • The typical behavior of the achieved HVA is:
    • Dehydration-at a minimum oil temperature of 27ºC water removal is from 50 ppm to less than 5 ppm.
    • Degassing-Reduces the soluble air content from a full saturation of approximately 12% to less than 0.25%.
    • Standard Particle-Filter Subject provides 0.5 micron filtration
  • Other contaminants such as oil oxidation products, thermal degradation products, dissolved lacquers, paints and acids can be removed by adding the extra option of the more complete earth filters.

    Standard and Special Options for the AEHV

    Standard Configuration:

    Special Options:

    Unsupervised operation

    Extra heater capacity

    TOLMS (Oil Level Monitoring System)

    Oil level control

    Heater output to maintain transformer temperature

    Changeover valves to reverse the flow

    Foam control

    Mini-Dryer for Oil Vacuum Pump

    TEFC engines

    Gas or Diesel boiler to minimize consumption

    Hose storage reel

    Mechanical oil pump sealing


    Reel power cable

    Low density heater

    Complete filter system (E575A series)

    Multi-voltage power input

    IP52 of the central control panel

    Dielectric Power Comporbator

    Change of state capacitor

    Welded steel pipe


    Cooling trap

    Exclusive processing chamber

    Fully equipped operator's cabin

    Aluminium trailer, up to 16m of semi-trailer

    PLC control

    Remote monitoring

    Trailer with canvas side

    0.5 micron filter

    Wireless Emergency Marker

    Explosion-proof EEx or NEMA 7

    MMI touch screen

    Full stainless steel option

Oil Degasser AEHV transportOil Degasser AEHV Amperis in transport

Download the catalogue: Vacuum Oil-Purifiers AEHV.

Download the catalogue of Vacuum Oil-Purifiers AEHV.

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