Sf6 service equipment review

Broken as Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), it is composed when 6 fluorine atoms are attached at the centre with the sulphur atom, hence the name, SF6.  It is a supreme gaseous dielectric suitable for high voltage power requirements. This gas is colourless, odourless, non-inflammable, electro-negative and attracts free electrons the molecular weight of this gas is 146 with a specific gravity of 6.14g/l. SF6 gas is generally preferred from 72.5 KV- 1200KV. Out of the 10,000 tons of this gas produced per year, around 8,000 tons are used for industry applications. The SF6 gas used in industry is specified by the code IEC60376 : 2005.

Physical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties of this skillful gas makes it much more advantageous when used in power switch gears. Some of the masterly properties of this gas are:

  1. Increased dielectric strength
  2. extraordinary arc-quenching capability in high voltage circuit breakers
  3. expert thermal stability
  4. a static thermal conductivity

SF6 Gas Service Equipments

This is an instrument which contains circuit breakers/switches and fuses along with their accessories which is connected to the load end of service conductors which overall serves as an essential structure for control and cut off of supply. But it does not include meters. Due to the In power industry, this gas has been prominently used in high voltage equipments including  circuit breakers, power transformers, bushings, gas insulated switchgears(GIS). All of these have SF6 as an insulating medium . SF6 gas has excellent insulating properties. It can be stable upto 500*C of temperature which makes it break the current for up to 63KA.


Amperis  Gas Service Equipments

There are a variety  of equipments provided by amperis for a variety of functions. These are illustrated below:


F6 Gas Recovery Unit AGRU-4X

SF6 gas transfer unit AGTU

SF6 gas recovery unit - AGRU-8 series

SF6 Gas Regulated Filling Unit ARFU-2

SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7

 SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-4



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SF6 service equipment