Battery rectifier

The industrial rectifier is designed to supply safe and stabilized DC to the services that, due to its characteristics, require a reliable and uninterrupted power supply in the event of a possible power failure in the network. It is used for all applications that require a direct current source.

Industrial power supplies are based on an industrial rectifier that stands out for its hardiness and reliability, designed to power critical charges in DC or to charge any type of batteries. Industrial power supplies are based on standardized SCR and IGBT power converter technologies to provide high reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is a safe equipment with digital control technology that adapts to any type and technology of battery and any voltage and current.

The Amperis ASR battery charger / rectifier combines the connection of different devices. It is designed to supply DC to critical applications, where the charge must be harmonic distortion free, electrically isolated from the supply source and must be permanently energized. Its most outstanding parts:

The high harmonic content generates a low power factor, so it has to be reduced since it means an inefficient use of electrical energy. The control of the output parameters is obtained by regulation with 6 or 12 pulse thyristors and the resulting ripple is filtered.

ASR battery rectifier

Basically, the equipment consists of a stabilized charger that supplies quality and reliable energy demanded by the services and at the same time manages the charging of the batteries (always keeping them in optimal conditions of charge for the service). The regulation circuits, control and alarm circuits are efficiently integrated. It uses last generation microprocessors. It delivers high reliability guaranteed by thyristor technology, assures the user of continuous quality power and its design with front access allows easy maintenance.

The functions of the rectifiers chargers of batteries batteries are:

Standard voltage: Nominal voltages of 24.48,220 VDC

Maximum output current: 10,20,30,40,50,100,150,200,320,500 A

Its applications are: industry, telecommunications, transportation, mining, petrochemicals, etc.
The charger can operate in two charging positions:

After a power failure the batteries begin to discharge by supplying power. Once the primary energy is restored and the batteries are discharged; the rectifier gives the batteries constant current, until the value of the float voltage is reached, and from this moment the rectifier switches to constant voltage.

The system has a complete user interface for easy adjustment of the system and indication of operating values, states and alarms. The microprocessed control unit allows to define the fundamental parameters of the equipment, to perform the monitoring of the same, to establish the necessary alarms and to allow the visualization of the variables.