Electrical installation meter and earth resistance meter

The resistivity plays an important role for the electrical system to work properly. Resistivity is the resistance of the ground to the passage of electrical current. Compared to normal conductors, the earth has a very poor conductive power, but this resistance can be eliminated by converting the earth into a good conductor.
The resistance of the earth is measured to:

  1. Determine the effectiveness of "terrestrial" networks and connections used in electrical systems in order to protect personnel and equipment.
  2. Prospecting for good "ground" locations (low resistance).

A grounding system plays a vital role in electrical safety, for the safety of people and for the protection of sensitive equipment from overvoltages. Hence the importance of the earth resistance meter that proves the correct functioning of the grounding system.

Wenner's method consists of measuring the resistivity of the soil by inserting 4 electrodes in the soil and placing them in a straight line at the same depth of penetration. Thus the resistivity will depend on the distance between electrodes and the resistivity of the terrain.

The maintenance in an electrical substation must be carried out at least once a year to verify the correct functioning of its main equipment. By performing a correct preventive maintenance (physical, mechanical, electrical and dielectric review), we avoid failures that allow the elements that make up the substation to be conserved.

The most prominent models of earth resistance meters that Amperis has are those that appear below. Any questions do not hesitate to contact us and our engineers will find the best solution for your needs.

Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter AMRU 200

Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter AMRU 120

The meters in electrical installations are instruments that record the amount of electrical energy used. These equipments possess a great precision since they are one of the most important pieces in any electrical installation and are designed to withstand adverse working conditions.

Amperis electrical installations meters stand out for their versatility and good performance, maintaining the safety of the installation.
With this equipment you can measure different parameters, test the continuity of the insulation, measure the resistance of the earth discharge systems, RCD tests, the loops, etc.

The AMPI equipment family of Amperis are electric installation testers that comply with current regulations and verify the safety of the installations before they are started.Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter and Multifunctional suitcase  AMPI-520 and AMPI-525