Gas detection thermographic camera

Infrared cameras have revolutionized maintenance in the industry since they allow to find electrical and mechanical faults even before they occur. The benefit is evident: cost savings, greater worker safety and improved product / process quality. These cameras also help reduce environmental damage, such as insufficient insulation in buildings or detection of environmentally hazardous gas leaks.

SF6 is a gas 24,000 times more dangerous to the environment than CO2, hence the importance of detecting these leaks.

The Amperis camera visualizes any SF6 point gas leak, without the need to de-energize the high-voltage equipment or shut down the operation. The portable camera also greatly improves the operator's safety, detecting emissions at a safe distance and helps protect the environment by tracking leaks of gases harmful to the environment.

SF6 is used in the electrical power industry as an insulator and cooling medium for gas insulated substations and circuit breakers.


Gas detection camara

The infrared visualizes gas leaks

It should be noted that many chemical compounds and gases that belong to the production processes of many companies are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, there are very strict regulations that govern how companies should act, to document, rectify and report any leakage of volatile gaseous compounds, and how often these procedures must be carried out.

Years ago, when they began to develop the first methods of detection of gases, these methods were very limited: they consumed a lot of time, they exposed the inspectors to harmful chemicals (since they needed to bring the probe closer to the test point and only gave readings in near the inspector) and did not allow to take into account climatic factors such as wind, so the measurements were inaccurate.

However, at present we have a technology that simplifies this work. The Amperis gas detection cameras are infrared cameras that are able to visualize the gas, since the camera produces a complete image of the scanned area and the leaks appear as smoke in the camera's viewfinder, allowing users to see the fugitive gas emissions. For this reason, the Amperis thermal imaging camera for the detection of SF6 gas is considered a fundamental tool for the tracking of potential faults.

Detección de gas SF6


These cameras comply with the 3 key premises that prevail today to perform maintenance: safety, profitability and efficiency.

The image is seen in real time through the viewer, so the maintenance engineer gets a very complete picture of the condition of the plant; In addition, the infrared camera allows the images to be recorded in the memory for later analysis.

The Amperis thermal cameras have a much improved efficiency, and this is very important, since the vast majority of leaks are concentrated in 1% of the plant, that is, in 99% of the area to be inspected remaining It translates into a consumption of time, since they are safe areas and without leaks.

Using the Amperis Gas Detection Camaras you get a number of advantages:

Secure scanning that preserves the environment

The Amperis gas detection camera provides a quick, non-contact measurement that can be used in hard-to-reach locations. So it can detect small leaks from several meters away and large leaks from hundreds of meters away. It can even show moving leaks as transport vehicles, greatly improving the safety of inspector and plant.

Fugitive gas emissions contribute to global warming, contaminating the planet, which can lead to deadly risks for workers and people living near these facilities in addition to the cost in fines and regulatory damages. The Amperis Chambers detect dozens of volatile organic compounds including the sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) "greenhouse gas", so it contributes efficiently to a better environment.

The unique temperature measurement technology of the front of the Amperis camera transmits infrared images and temperature measurement data which guarantees the accuracy of temperature data and stability.


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