Amperis multi-voltage charger review

In industry, there are a number of electronic devices and machines which have different voltage compositions and charging specifications. And as per industry statistics, machines are run for a fair average of at least 8-10 hours. So the need of a multi-utility, Quality charger becomes quintessential for the operations.
A multi-voltage battery charger is a digitally programmed and heavy-duty universal battery charger' specially designed for industries to charge different voltage batteries fitted into various electronic devices, machines or operators.
As evident from the name, this charger is programmed for any battery type. This is suitable to charge battery types that require perfectly constant current and virtually zero ripples (e.g., Lithium packs).

Functions of a Multi-Voltage Battery Charger:


Amperis Multi-Voltage Battery Charger- The Most Advanced Chargers, based on an IGBT Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology is the most advanced technology in which two parts are combined to form it namely Special isolation transformer, with line frequency multiplication system and High-frequency switch mode converter, based on IGBT technology which delivers two most essential functions namely:

Some of the prominent features exhibited by these multi-voltage or multi-battery or multi-battery output chargers can be:

When we look the applicability of this multi-utility device, it can be fairly enhanced by providing various materials along with the charger like universal AC adapter, ring terminals, and clamps, increasing efficiency with the alligator clips, etc.


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Multi-voltage battery charger