New BLU Series of Dischargers

The batteries are a fundamental part for the good development and general reliability of a substation, since during a power cut, it is a priority that it can continue operating without the need for a stop. This is where the batteries come into play, providing energy at those specific moments; so the inability of a battery bank to provide enough voltage to the protection circuits can lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, it is essential that batteries are inspected regularly to monitor their condition and maximize their life.

The essential test that best defines the condition of a battery is the capacity measurement test. Amperis, a leading company in battery maintenance, is well aware of the operation to optimize the performance of the batteries, which is why it is important to carry out a discharge test as the best way to measure the capacity of the battery.

For this operation, the new discharge units of the BLU series stand out. This series of arresters stand out for being based on the most innovative technology, using the most advanced power electronics solutions with the use of fans integrated in the device, thus improving cooling.

The ones that Amperis presents, control the capacity test of the battery from the PC, complying with the variety of tests that the client imposes through personalized procedures to meet the requirements of the test engineers, as well as standardized tests.

We highlight as a great advantage of these equipment its reduced weight (over 15 kg on average), its easy handling (in accordance with IEEE standards 450-2010 / 1188-2005 / 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11 / 22) and its high precision when performing the test. The discharge can be done following a pre-selected load profile, constant current, constant power or constant resistance. The discharge can be done even with the battery connected to the load, taking into account the current during the process.

The Amperis devices of the BLU series are valid for banks of batteries of up to 480 V and provide the discharge of up to 340 A. In the case of having higher requirements, and the required power or the discharge current exceeds the capacity of a single equipment of the Amperis BLU series, up to 10 devices can be connected in parallel. As an alternative, Amperis BXL external load units can be used to increase the discharge.

Connecting the BLU device to the battery

Single mode: The BLU battery discharger is connected via cables. It is important to check the good connection with the battery terminals of all clamps to maximize the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement. The device indicates by means of a message whether the connection between the clamp and the terminal is not suitable.

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Parallel mode: Multiple equipment can be connected in parallel (up to 10) in case the required discharge current or power exceeds the capacity of a BLU unit. The connection between the BLU devices is established through the use of Ethernet ports and communication R2485, based on the MASTER-SLAVE principle. In the parallel connection, the MASTER unit will discharge as much energy as possible, the rest will be discharged in the first SLAVE unit of the chain, if it does not have the capacity to cover the discharge requirements, the remaining power will be discharged by the following SLAVE , and so on.

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Current probe mode: This mode is used in the case where the battery must remain connected to the load or if an extra load BXL needs to be connected due to an increase in the discharge power. The measurement will be based on the total current of the battery or on a charging current measured by the current probe.

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Measure the capacity and total voltage of the backup batteries in:


Benefits of the Amperis BLU series


       In summary, the battery dischargers of the BLU series are a powerful tool that allows a detailed evaluation of the batteries (minimum cell voltage 1.75V).