Portable VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testing Series AXV

Amperis has been a leading name in the instrumentation industry for years. We provide state-of-the art instrumentation solutions for testing, transformation diagnosis, electrical distribution and thermographic inspection.

We are excited and proud to present our latest entry in the catalogue of High Voltage Test Equipments at our disposal. A large client base, spread all over the globe, can vouch for our high standards of quality, reliability and safety when it comes to supplying various high voltage test equipments.

More about Portable VLF Testing Series AXV:

VLF range is defined as a frequency range at or below 0.1 Hz for typical sinusoidal waves. This frequency range is extremely useful for testing various equipments, without actually causing any damage to the equipments being tested. In addition, it is a viable alternative to conventional high-power consuming DC Hipot tests. In this indirect non-destructive technique, AXV series models apply a preset sinusoidal voltage to the equipment or component being tested. This voltage reaches the peak at 25% completion of the cycle, after which the voltage goes down until it reaches the zero (ground) level. The same process is repeated in the reversed polarity for the next half of the cycle.

All of the equipments in our AXV series of VLF testing methods are equipped with cutting-edge microprocessors and computing systems. These microprocessors make sure that the voltage charged and discharged for testing through the equipment remains very precisely monitored. Also, the output sensors and display devices are integrated into the microprocessor logic to make it a compact, precise, efficient and reliable set up. This allows for the testing charges and discharges to be variable so as to meet the varying demands of various equipments.

Currently, we have three models up and running in the AXV series viz.:

  1. AXV28-1
  2. AXV44-1.5
  3. AXV62-1

A comparison of differences in specifications of above mentioned models is given below:






Maximum Output Voltage

28kV Peak (20kV RMS)

44 kV Peak (31kV RMS)

62kV Peak (44kV RMS)

Maximum Load  Capacity

1µF @ 0.1 Hz, Up to 5µF at reduced frequency

1.5µF @ 0.1 Hz, Up to 7.5µF at reduced frequency

1µF @ 0.1 Hz, Up to 5µF at reduced frequency

Physical Attributes

49” (124 cm) x 23” (58 cm) x 25” (64 cm) 

150 lbs (68 kg)

49” (124 cm) x 23” (58 cm) x 25” (64 cm)

177 lbs (80 kg)

49” (124 cm) x 26” (66 cm) x 25” (64 cm)

250 lbs (113 kg)

The rest of the specifications are available on our website at


Some typical applications of our well-received AXV series VLF testing instruments are listed below:

  1. Extruded Cables :

AXV series testing equipments are extremely competent and trustworthy for continuity and conductivity testing of extruded cables. They can be used very easily with cross-linked propylene rubber cables (XLPR) as well as ethylene propylene rubber (EPR).

  1. Laminated Cables:

AXV series models provide a great utility for the testing of a variety of laminated cables because of their portability and high-durability.

  1. Generator and Switchgears:

AXV series has specific customization settings to suit the types of equipments being tested. This makes them highly appropriate for testing generators and switchgears.

  1. Transformers and Insulators:

The involvement of VLF spectrum makes sure that the testing has no ill effects on the functioning of expensive instruments like transformers. Insulators can similarly be tested reliably.

  1. Miscellaneous:

In a similar way, AXV series testing instruments operating in the VLF range can be used for the testing of a number of other instruments including (but not limited to) : cable jackets, sheaths, bushings, couplings, rotating machines, girders and laminations.

Prominent advantages of using AXV series portable VLF testing instruments:

  1. As the name suggests, AXV series testing instruments are portableand easy to transport to-and-fro between multiple test sites using a simple wheeled carrier that can be hitched to motor vehicles. This provides the much needed relief from other cumbersome equipments in the same class that cannot be transported so easily. Some users have successfully hitched AXV series models permanently to their vehicles to provide convenience and ready availability on testing sites.

We provide runners to help the customers load the machines in/out of their transport vehicles.

  1. The frequency usage is in the VLF range and has no ill impact on the working of the equipment being tested. Also, it requires much less power as compared to conventional testing instruments.
  1. AXV series VLF testing machines come equipped with latest digital displays that clearly show the precise output values. These AXF series testing instruments also have in-built USB ports that can record and save data on flash drives in current time.
  1. We have employed cutting-edge microprocessors and concerned circuitry in these testing instruments. These microprocessors ensure that a true sine voltage is maintained without any distortions that can affect the outputs, across the full range of loads.
  1. AXF series VLF testing instruments are operable under most of the normal conditions of temperature and humidity. The input mains voltage parameters are designed to suit most of the countries in the world.