Transformer ratio testers and winding resistance testers.

These devices are common in the field of electrical engineering and are used to test and verify the electrical properties of transformers and coil windings. I will provide an overview of each of these devices:

Transformer Ratio Meter

A transformer ratio meter is a device used to measure the voltage ratio between the primary and secondary windings of a transformer. This is crucial to ensure that the transformer operates efficiently and safely. The meter usually displays the transformation ratio as a numerical ratio, such as 2:1, 3:1, etc.

The transformer ratio meter is used to detect potential problems in the transformer, such as short circuits or faulty connections. It is also useful to verify that the transformer is configured correctly for its intended application.

Winding Resistance Tester

A winding resistance tester is a device that measures the electrical resistance of the windings of a transformer or coil. Resistance is an important property because it affects the efficiency and performance of an electrical device. Problems in the windings, such as loose connections or damaged coils, can lead to changes in resistance.

Winding resistance testers generally apply a known current through the winding and measure the resulting voltage drop to calculate the resistance. These measurements can help identify potential problems and perform preventive maintenance on equipment.

For portable equipment, portable versions of these devices are commonly available to facilitate testing in the field or in locations where it is impractical to carry larger equipment. These portable devices are often compact and easy to transport, allowing technicians to carry out tests in different locations.

Equipment such as the standard and advanced TRT and TWR series have both fixed and portable models with different configurations to suit both applications.

The weight of these devices is around two kilograms and measures 170 x 310 x 58 mm (TWR-H) compared to 505 x 257 x 409 mm and 11 kilograms for its non-portable analogue (TRT500).

The exact features of these devices may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model, so look for options that suit your specific needs.