New power quality meter

In this article we inform about the new equipment for measuring quality of electric power, quality of income and power measurement offered by Amperis, of high precision and stability:


NEXUS 1450

This equipment is a powerful power meter that offers the client high precision electrical energy measurements and allows to analyze the quality of the energy and the determination of the reliability of the electric power. The meter is a transducer base with a separate screen. The equipment is an update of direct adaptation to the Nexus 1250 and 1252. The Nexus 1450 analyzes the data of the network without software (real-time data, analyze stored history records and see alarms and waveform records). Its outstanding features are:

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NEXUS 1500+

The Nexus 1500+ meter is designed for high precision applications. It is an income and power quality meter as well as a leading energy quality analyzer that provides precision and stability in its temperature range and calibration. The meter complies with the energy quality standards such as IEC 61000-4-7 (harmonics), IEC 61000-4-15 (flashing) and IEC 61000-4-30 Class A for energy quality, has options for SCADA communication, Ethernet and USB, Modbus protocols. Its outstanding features are:


Nexus 1500+


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The Shark 200 is an ultra-compact power measurement device, designed to incorporate advanced features into a small, cost-effective format. We are facing a team prepared for a large-scale and low-cost implementation within an electricity distribution system. This team provides an industry leading revenue measurement function, which is combined with advanced data logging, communication and I / O traditionally only found in high-performance, high-cost systems. Its outstanding features are:

Shark 200


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