Amperis Products increased its revenues

Lugo, March 15, 2016. Amperis Products S.L. has increased its revenue 35% during 2015. Our company, specialized in providing solutions in measurement equipment and electrical maintenance, has become a reference on Spanish and international markets.

It is fair to highlight the great acceptance of the battery testing equipment, where Amperis is the outstanding leader of the sector. Not only because of its quality and reliability but also because of the service it provides, it is one of our most successful lines, as shown on Amperis 2015 balance.

We cannot ignore the remarkable contribution made by relay test and quality wave measurement equipments. This is a business line already established in the market, where again our models are a reference. Amperis has incorporated new models to the product range with an excellent reception by our customers.

These figures do not come from nowhere, as they support the strategic line of the company. For the last few years Amperis Products has opted to strengthen its presence in markets where it was already present, offering solutions tailored to the needs that each of our clients demand, and becoming their great ally.