Amperis at the INMR WORLD CONGRESS 2017

This week the INMR WORLD CONGRESS 2017 was held at the Meliã Hotel & Conference Center in Sitges-Barcelona, in which Amperis has had an outstanding presence.

INMR World Congress review

This important event has brought together the main companies in the electricity supply industry around the world. The event has brought together international experts from the industry, researchers, universities and manufacturers of equipment and components.
The INMR has consisted of a congress in the auditorium for conferences where during the 3 days that the event lasted (from November 5 to 8) more than 100 speakers have presented their technical works dealing with key issues for the electricity supply industry. Topics have been discussed such as: the optimization of insulation design, developments in applications for surge arresters, new methods in the inspection of lines and substations, new cable designs, etc.


Parallel to the congress, an exhibition of products and technology has been developed where companies from all over the world have been able to show their novelties. They have been able to see leading companies presenting the latest designs of their equipment and the new services they offer. Some companies that have met at the INMR WORLD CONGRESS have been:

Amperis for its part has presented one of the products best valued by its customers and an authentic revolution in the field of thermal imaging cameras: the line of corona effect camera coroCAM. This professional camera is designed to perform thermal inspections of ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation. It is the most sensitive and most advanced camera on the market that can operate with daylight or at night, which stands out for being light, portable and ergonomic.

The original Corona Camera

It is a camera that provides the inspector to manage more information about the origin and the cause of a failure, since it jointly located the electric shocks and hot spots.

The coroCAM has a high-end visible camera, an IR infrared radiometric thermal camera and a UV camera, as well as a long list of outstanding features such as: manual or automatic focus, synchronized zoom of the 3 camera channels (IR and UV are digitally enlarged and optically visible zoom), recording still images and video, color LCD screen, etc.

The rotary handle, its easy operation and access to specific functions with quick keys make the coroCAM the definitive solution for professional HV inspectors.

Infrared and ultraviolet camera

For more information about the corona effect cameras you can consult the section of the Amperis website, where you can consult models and technical specifications of the cameras. Any questions or queries Amperis engineers are at your disposal in the new headquarters or on the phone (+34) 982 20 99 20