Battery dischargers for electric trucks

The latest sale we have closed was a lot of portable battery dischargers for an electric truck company.

Electric trucks are a great step forward in the electrification of transport, a very important area in the electric mobility sector. Currently, electrification of this mode of transport is twice more efficient than green hydrogen and about three times more efficient than internal combustion engines. This means progress in extending sustainability.

In terms of driving range, some models show very promising numbers, with battery capacities of 624 kWh installed and 468 kWh usable can cover 350 km with 40 tonnes of weight and 250 km with 64 tonnes. Amounts we could never have imagined just a couple of years ago. 

Charging the batteries of these innovative trucks is normally CCS2 375 kW/500 A DC, charging in just 90 minutes at 375kW. But for proper maintenance of these advanced batteries, powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use equipment is needed. That is why they have purchased us a lot of BLU dischargers of various power ratings. Despite their small size (from 12 kilograms), they have a high discharge capacity. They are also easily expandable for larger banks using extra BXL charging units and allow testing of single cell discharges of lead-acid, Ni-based and Li-ion.

This innovative discharger has adjustable alarm and shutdown parameters to prevent excessive discharge, and allows testing while the batteries are in service, as well as resuming the test in the event of power supply interruption. Discharge can be done at constant current, constant power, constant resistance or according to a pre-selected load profile.

The BLU Series is a line of dischargers with a wide range of discharge powers and currents applicable to a wide range of battery voltages.