Shipping TC706 camera

From the offices of Amperis we work to respond to all requests for offers that reach us daily. One of the last equipment to leave our facilities, heading to the United States, is the thermographic gas detection camera SF6 TC706. This chamber allows the visualization of SF6 gas leaks without the need to stop the operation of the equipment to be analyzed, which helps the continuity of the production process. We emphasize the improvement of operator safety since it allows detecting emissions at high distances.

An important advantage of this chamber is the possibility of detecting SF6 gas emissions (gas used as insulation and refrigerant in substations, with a high polluting power) in an initial phase and at a great distance, which prevents the leak from emitting. SF6 of more to the atmosphere, thus protecting the environment.

As characteristics of this thermal camera we highlight its small size, its lightness and its ease of operation; what makes it an extraordinary in situ detection tool. We highlight its HD viewer, 5 "screen, video and voice recording, temperature measurement with passive thermal imaging technology adapted to find the vanishing point at a great distance, all with the best image quality on the market in a camera. of these characteristics. 


Gas detection thermographic camera AMPERIS

Gas detection camera AMPERIS

Gas detection  AMPERIS equipment


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