Interview with Javier Figueroa

On the occasion of the inauguration of the company's new facilities, today we spoke with the manager of Amperis, the electrical engineer Javier Figueroa Codesal. The company, which distributes measurement and electrical maintenance equipment for 53 countries, will be 11 years of activity. In recent years the Amperis brand has gained recognition within the sector thanks to the high quality products it offers and customer-oriented service. The exponential growth in sales has meant that the company has expanded internationally, expanded its workforce, multiplied its profits and now improved its facilities with a new plant building from which its engineers will work to advise each client in the selection of the most appropriate equipment.

That is why today we sit down with Javier Figueroa to tell us about this evolution, how he values the current moment of the company and the expectations for the future.


1.Starting from the past and the beginnings of the company, What has been the evolution of Amperis in these almost 11 years?

Amperis has become a reference in substation measurement and maintenance equipment. We have equipment on all five continents and have been able to sell extensively in iconic companies such as space agencies, nuclear power stations or electricity transmission companies.
Despite the fact that in the last ten years there have been years in which the crisis has hit very hard overall, we have maintained a growth trend. This in itself is already a success.


2. What are the most relevant or best-selling products throughout the company's history?

Amperis has a very strong line in battery maintenance, is a leader in some countries, especially in battery dischargers. In network analysis and wave quality equipment we are leaders in class A equipment, in relay test equipment we are starting to sell important sales to maintenance companies because they are equipment whose learning is very fast.


3.In which countries does the company have a greater presence?

Clearly in Spanish-speaking countries though Morocco or India were very important some year.


4. In your opinion, what do you think is the success of Amperis?

Quality and personalized treatment.


5.Talking a little bit about the future; What do you expect from 2018, what are your business challenges?

Let's see if we keep growing. We will have to update the ISO9001 standard, launch a new website and seek to consolidate in countries like Chile or Mexico that are very important to us.


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