Latest Amperis operations

December 7th

In the last months Amperis Products has registered a great commercial activity what is allowing to close the present year closing operations in different parts of the world with important clients of diverse sectors. We highlight in our news section one of these orders that comes from La Paz-Bolivia and is related to the Amperis Dielectric strength meter Dielectrotest.

This equipment is automatic, which allows testing based on the test standard selectable through the menu. Its design allows it to adapt perfectly both for use in the laboratory and its use in the field in commissioning and maintenance tasks,

A remarkable fact is that it allows to define up to ten test sequences with total freedom. The most common test sequences are defined in the different international standards and stored in the equipment. Any future variation of the standard or the introduction of new sequences is contemplated by programming them in their memory. Sample of it we can rehearse according to customizable parameters or following norms like:

ASTM D1816/90, ASTM D877/90, IEC 156/95, VDE 370/96, BS 5874/80, UTE C 27-221/74, UNE 21309/89, NEN 10156, SEV 3141/69,CEI 10-I/73, JIS 2101-82, JIS Silicon 2101/82

On the other hand, each sample is assigned a serial number given by the user. The process is completely automatic after placing the glass container with the sample in the chamber being very short test time (<1ms) in order to avoid carbonizing the sample. Once the test has completed a detailed report it prints on thermal printer including the time and date of the sample, individual rupture values, means and standard deviation. The last 20 results are stored in the internal memory and exported through the printer or in Excel format by the RS232 port.

The equipment includes as standard accessories a 400 ml glass container with the chosen electrodes, which is supplied as standard with an electrode, among them: Spherical IEC156, mushroom ASTM D1816, VDE 0370/95, IEC 156 or disc ASTM D877.

In addition the equipment is completed with: the power cable, 2 agitator bars, the separation gauge 2 and 2.5 mm, the clamps to remove agitator, 2 rolls of thermal paper and the operation manual in Spanish and English.


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