NEW! Relay test equipment AKF86P

We are introducing a new relay test set, the AKF86P, to our catalogue.

It is a compact 6-phase relay test set with high accuracy and complete solution (compliant with IEC61850 and GOOSE sampled value), it meets all requirements for detection and debugging of IEC61850 IEDs, fusing units, station control systems and traditional protection relays.

It is light in weight: 10 kg and small in size (39 x 26 x 14 cm), making it ideal for flight travel.

Among its technical features, we find : 

- Simultaneous analogue message output (6 x 310 V voltage, 6 x 20 A current) and IEC61850 SMV

- Industrial computer Built-in dual-core CPU, built-in large-capacity SSD solid-state drive; Embedded Windows 7 operating system; 9.7-inch true-colour LCD display, 1024 × 768 resolution, touch screen operation. Can work offline or online

- Provides 8 pairs of LC optical ports, can transmit and receive 36 channels of sample values of IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2 frame format; with optical power test function

- Provides 6 ST output optical ports and 2 ST receive optical ports, which can generate 6 sets of IEC60044-7 /8 (FT3) format sampled value messages; can receive 2 sets of IEC60044-7/8 specification FT3 format Sampled value message

- Posts GOOSE information or output, receives switching and performs closed-loop protection tests

- Simulates 12-channel low level output to test low level input protection  

- Initiates to simulate the IED to actively release GOOSE, sampled value signals, to eliminate the restart process of the device under test caused by link interruption after the test stops

- Optical port output is sampled or GOOSE can be freely defined; information from multiple different GOOSE control blocks can be subscribed/published

- Sample value channel function, the number of channels can be freely configured, up to 36 channels can be configured

- Automatic import of SCL files (SCD, ICD, CID, NPI) to realise automatic setting of sampled values and GOOSE information

- Saves sampled values and GOOSE configuration information as a configuration file for test purposes

- Automatic detection of MU optical digital signals, protection device and smart operation box

- Perform automatic setting function of sample value and GOOSE information

- Simulate abnormal conditions (loss, clutter, abnormal quality, message retransmission, data anomaly, offset, etc.)

- Output SV message channel quality can be configured, and the simulation unit can be simulated and debugged, configured as invalid, configured in running state, and can simulate double AD inconsistency and other tests.

- GPS/Beidou synchronisation module integrated with GPS, IRIG-B code timing synchronisation function

- Full-function software test module, AC, status sequence, recloser test, distance protection, overcurrent protection, reverse time overcurrent, zero sequence protection, ramp test, power direction, differential test, frequency test, software test module synchronisation.

- With the unit test function, you can test the unit accuracy, timing accuracy, timing accuracy, timing accuracy, test and data transmission functions.

- Support SCD file graphical display, the instrument can graphically display the interconnection relationship of IED device and virtual terminal connection

- With IRIG-B code transmission function, when using external GPS, it can be used as a timing device.