New TTRT series

June 13, 2018

Amperis offers a wide range of three-phase transformer ratio meters for transformer testing. Amperis offers its customers different series of devices for the measurement of transformation ratio. The devices of the TRT03 series can generate a single-phase test voltage, while the TTRT30 series provides three-phase and single-phase voltages. The three-phase transformer ratio meters of the TTR33 and TRT43 series have an additional test voltage of 1 VAC, the voltage required for the current transformer test. As for the three-phase meters of the TTRT40 series, they have the maximum test voltage of 125 VAC. The most advanced equipment presented by Amperis are those of the TTRT63 series, which have the highest test voltage of 250 VAC (430 VAC from phase to phase), a precision of measurement of unique transformation ratio and a better range of relationship.

Our test equipment for transformers includes the DV-Win software, with which it is possible to prepare in advance the test configuration that will be carried out in the field and create the test plans. The results of the tests are shown numerically as a graph for a more complete subsequent analysis. The data is transferred through the USB flash drive. In addition, all the devices of the Amperis TTRT series include the tap changer control unit for the change of tap from distance and allows the measurement of the transformer transformation ratio.

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