Sale of a rapidox1100zf oxygen analyser to a university. Applications of oxygen analysers.

An oxygen analyser is a device used to measure the concentration of oxygen in a gas or liquid sample. It is used in a wide variety of applications in different industries. Some of the most common uses are:

1. medical monitoring: oxygen analysers are used in medical environments, such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories, to measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood of patients. These measurements are important for the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and cardiac diseases.

2. Industrial quality control: In industry, oxygen analysers are used to ensure the quality and safety of products. For example, in food and beverage production, oxygen analysers can help control the level of oxygen in packaging to prevent oxidation and product spoilage.

3. Manufacturing processes: In many industrial processes, such as steel, glass, ceramics and chemical manufacturing, it is necessary to control and monitor oxygen concentration. Oxygen analysers are used to ensure that oxygen levels are within the required limits to maintain process efficiency and quality.

4. Scientific research: In scientific research, oxygen analysers are used to measure and monitor oxygen concentration in gas or liquid samples in experiments and studies. This can include research in fields such as biology, chemistry, oceanography and ecology.

5. Safety applications: Oxygen analysers are also used in environments where the presence of oxygen may be hazardous or require special precautions, such as in confined spaces, mines, diving and aerospace applications. These analysers help to ensure safe oxygen levels and prevent asphyxiation or fire hazards.

In short, oxygen analysers are used to measure and monitor oxygen concentration in different contexts, including medical, industrial, scientific and safety applications. Their use is essential to ensure health, quality and safety in a variety of areas.

The Rapidox 1100ZF is a Cambridge Sensotec gas analyser. It is designed to measure and analyse oxygen (O2) content in a wide variety of industrial applications.

The Rapidox 1100ZF analyser uses a zirconia electrochemical sensor to accurately and reliably measure oxygen levels in non-corrosive gases. The zirconia sensor operates by measuring the potential difference generated between two zirconia electrodes exposed to the gas sample and an ambient air reference. This potential difference is directly related to the oxygen concentration in the gas.

The Rapidox 1100ZF provides a real-time reading of oxygen concentration and can be used for continuous monitoring, process control and quality testing in a variety of industrial applications, such as gas monitoring in furnaces, reactors, boilers, nitrogen purge systems and more.

The device features an intuitive user interface that allows adjustment of measurement parameters, as well as data logging and storage. It can also be connected to data acquisition or control systems for further integration.