Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Charger and Conditioner XMV Series

Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Charger and Conditioner XMV Series

Universal multivoltage battery charger and conditioner.

The XMV is a programmable multivoltage battery charger with universal functions.

It supports batteries of any type, chemical composition, voltage or size, from single cells to large packs. The unique power conversion system architecture combines performance, energy efficiency and robustness, and makes these systems easily customizable. With standard power ranges from 12 kW to 40 kW and a highly flexible connectivity package, the XMV is compatible with all battery lab applications:

  • Training
  • Testing
  • Cycling
  • Desulfation and regeneration

The XMV digital control systems include a set of preloaded load profiles and allow creating additional fully customized profiles. The possibilities are infinite. Precise output control allows the creation of high quality, consistent and repeatable load profiles, even in case of unstable AC input voltage and large temperature variations. The absence of output current ripple minimizes battery temperature rise and maximizes system efficiency. The XMV is the perfect choice for battery manufacturing plants, test and recovery laboratories, and repair shops.

  • Universal battery charger with hybrid high frequency IGBT control
  • Compatible with all types of batteries
  • Optimized for battery cycling, testing, desulphation and rejuvenation
  • High efficiency in heavy continuous service
  • High efficiency and power factor (>0.99)
  • High performance and power factor (>0.99)
  • Fully programmable
  • Ultra-filtered output current, with near-zero ripple
  • Output current ultrafiltered, with near-zero ripple
  • Standard enclosure IP21 (indoor). Optional IP54 enclosure (outdoor)
  • Optional enclosure IP54 (outdoor)
  • Portable and stationary nozzles available
  • Intelligent user interface with LCD display and complete communication package
  • Maximum safety, ultra-quiet operation
  • Easy to install, configure, maintain and repair
  • Input voltages and certifications for worldwide use
  • Class-leading warranty protection
  • Warranty protection
  • Perfect integration with wireless battery identification modules
  • Battery identification modules
  • Automatic cycler mode, integrated with XBD battery discharger-analyzers
Download the catalogue: Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Charger and Conditioner XMV Series.

Download the catalogue of Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Charger and Conditioner XMV Series.

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