Battery Charging Unit BLU-D Series

Battery Charging Unit BLU-D Series

The BLU-D series of battery capacity testers is the latest solution for comprehensive battery capacity measurement. This universal instrument is applicable to any battery chain (lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium or others) with voltages up to 1020 V DC. The BLU-D series simplifies battery testing in multiple ways. The instrument allows monitoring of discharge parameters (graphical and numerical) on a 7-inch touch screen. Parameters such as battery voltage, capacity, test current/power/resistance and elapsed time can be monitored in real time. Additionally, the instrument allows measuring and monitoring of cell parameters (voltage/intercell voltage/temperature) with the BVS system, making it a complete self-contained discharge testing system. In addition to capacity testing, the BLU-D series can be used to fully and effectively discharge a battery down to 0 V. This total discharge is applied to Li cells at the end of their useful life, such as initial step of the recycling process.

  • Voltage range: 0 - 1020 V DC
  • Discharge power: up to 15 kW
  • Completely discharge the battery (to 0 V) before recycling
  • Controlled temperature discharge process
  • Discharging the lithium battery before transportation
  • Real-time monitoring of test parameters on a touch screen
  • Allows batteries to be tested while in service
  • USB, RS232 or Ethernet communication with the PC

The BLU-D series includes 2 models: - BLU1000D - BLU1000DZ.  Both models offer all the features and options of the BLU-C series, including discharging down to 0 V. The difference is related to discharging the battery below 5 V: The BLU1000D will discharge the battery by selecting the minimum resistance (and the current will decrease as voltage decreases). Featuring a built-in Zero Voltage Discharge (ZVD) module, the BLU1000DZ provides constant current discharge (up to 50 A) down to 0 V. Transportation of lithium battery systems, for safety reasons, requires that the batteries be are partially discharged. The BLUD series offers a special discharge mode that allows the batteries to be discharged to a voltage level predefined by the customer. The BLU-D series can also be controlled using the DV-B Win software, which allows detailed numerical and graphical presentation of key parameters, including the creation of reports in various formats.


The typical application of the BLU-D series is battery capacity measurement up to 1000 V DC. Thanks to its high maximum operating voltage, any substation, industrial, UPS or EV battery can be tested. Additionally, BLU-D can be used to:

  • Complete discharge (to 0 V) of any battery up to 1020 V DC before recycling
  • Control of voltages between cells during capacity/full discharge tests
  • Discharge a battery before transporting it
  • Allows to control the temperature of the discharge process (measuring the ambient and cell temperatures).

Capacity test

Using a BLU-D series device, the capacity test is performed in accordance with current standards for battery testing (IEEE 450-2010 / IEEE 1188-2005 / IEEE 1106- 2015, IEC 60896-.. .). 11/22 and other relevant regulations). Discharge can be performed at constant current, constant power, constant resistance, constant voltage or according to a preselected charge profile. The discharge test can also be performed on in-line batteries (connected to their load).

By measuring the total or load current using a DC probe, BLU-D allows the total current/power to be kept constant during the test. When the required discharge current or power exceeds the capacity of a single SSB device, multiple SSB devices can be connected in parallel. 

BLU1000D and BLU1000DZ have identical discharge capacity. The units provide maximum power (15 kW) over a wide voltage range (125 - 1020 V DC). The maximum discharge currents (up to 120 A), in relation to the battery voltage, are presented in the graph below. The maximum discharge power decreases at ambient temperatures above 35 ºC (up to 50 ºC), as indicated by the blue area of the graph.

Battery voltage graph

Battery recycling

BLU-D supports recycling, battery waste management strategy for to green energy. The initial step of the recycling process is to completely discharge the battery. The unit provides efficient, controlled and complete battery discharge to 0V, which is applied to the Li cells at the end of their life. The wide voltage range (up to 1020V) makes the unit applicable to any available battery system, including electric vehicle batteries. During discharge, BLU-D models can monitor ambient and cell/module temperatures, allowing for a safe discharge process.

BLU1000DZ for efficient total discharge

The BLU1000D and BLU1000DZ models offer the full battery discharge function (down to 0 V). The main difference between the models is how the discharge process is managed at low battery voltages (< 5 V). BLU1000D will operate as a constant resistance load - lower voltages imply lower discharge currents. However, the BLU1000DZ model incorporates a zero voltage discharge (ZVD) module that allows constant current discharge (up to 50 A) down to 0 V.

Discharging the battery before transportation

Transportation of lithium battery systems, for safety reasons, requires that the batteries be discharged to 30% of their state of charge (SOC). The BLU-D series offers a special discharge mode (constant voltage mode) that allows the batteries to be discharged to the voltage level predefined by the customer. The battery will be discharged with constant current until the preset voltage is reached. Once the preset voltage is reached, the discharge continues at that voltage and the discharge current begins to decrease. The test will stop when the discharge current decreases to the preset current limit.

Advantages and features

  • Measuring the capacity of the battery through a discharge test
  • Complete discharge of the battery (to 0 V) before recycling
  • Discharge of the lithium battery before transportation (at the preselected voltage)
  • Controlled temperature discharge process
  • 4 Modes of operation I constant, P constant, R constant, U constant
  • Various operating modes of the load profile: Load profile I, Load profile P and Load profile R, allow simulating the variation of the characteristics of the charge during a discharge test.
  • Monitoring test parameters in real time on a 7-inch touch screen, with voltage/time and capacity/time graphs.
  • Measurement and control of cell parameters (voltage / tension between cells / temperature)
  • Parallel operation
  • Remote control function: Using an integrated dry or wet contact, the test can be interrupted from the outside.
  • Allows you to test batteries while they are in service
  • Test resumption function in case of power interruption
Download the catalogue: Battery Charging Unit BLU-D Series.

Download the catalogue of Battery Charging Unit BLU-D Series.

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