Amperis Battery Discharger

Amperis Battery Discharger

The equipment is an automatic battery analyser and discharger designed to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage and capacity.

This equipment can be programmed to discharge the battery at a precisely controlled constant current, adjustable from zero to the maximum value of the model while keeping the battery voltage under control.

While the discharge is taking place the control panel measures the total capacity (ampere-hours) discharged from the battery. While the battery voltage reaches the minimum programmed value or when the maximum duration of the test is reached, the Discharger switches off automatically but the measured parameters remain available to the user.

The Unloader is very simple to use and does not require specific training. The programming of the tests requires less than two minutes and the operation is completely automatic.

Video explaining how the battery charger works:

Main features

Reverse polarity and arcing protection (no fuses) An active circuit prevents the formation of electric arcs when the battery is being connected. If the battery is connected with reversed polarity the Unloader does not start the test and the current does not flow.

Self-test on ignition

When the Unloader is turned on, an automatic test of the control circuits takes place in less than 10 seconds. In case of failure, the Unloader remains in stand-by mode.

Built-in recorder

While the download is taking place it is not necessary for a PC to remain connected to the Downloader, because the recorder (datalogger) has enough memory to save the complete download curve. At the end of the test it is possible to download the data from the Downloader to the PC within seconds. The standard connections are RS-232 and USB. It is also possible to order wireless inferfaces.

Extended analysis capability with TrendCom software The TrendCom application is a powerful and specific software that increases the capabilities of the Downloader. It allows generating different graphs of the download curve:

  • Battery voltage [V]
  • Discharge current [A]
  • Discharge power [kW]
  • Unloaded capacity [Ah]
  • Discharged energy [kWh]

Many functions are available and very easy to use: it is possible to generate test reports with graphs and comments automatically, to export the test data to external spreadsheets (compatible with MS Excel, Open office CALC and others) save a complete test in a file and send it by e-mail .

Multi-unit operation in parallel (no limit)

When one or more Battery Discharger units operate in parallel, it is possible to download all data to TrendCom and merge it into a single, comprehensive test report. This feature gives you the opportunity to achieve unlimited discharge power by connecting an unlimited number of Battery Charger units in parallel.

Temperature protection of all power elements and the resistor bank In case of internal overheating (e.g. blocked fans, blocked air circuit) the arrester automatically stops operation and enters stand-by mode.

Double casing for maximum thermal insulation. During operation the external parts of the enclosure remain cold (the maximum temperature rise is 10°C) for greater safety of the end user.

Highly resistant wheels, with ball bearings, rubber covers. The Unloader can be easily and safely moved on any floor and can operate smoothly in any industrial environment.

  • High frequency IGBT regulator, which allows for constant current discharge.
  • Robust construction for maximum reliability in demanding applications in industrial environments
  • Compact and easily transportable equipment
  • Standard models for battery voltages up to 400 V
  • Possibility of paralleling several units which allows discharge at any current
  • Protection system with intelligent electronics (includes soft start, reverse polarity and overheating protection)
  • Microprocessor-controlled, programmable digital panel
  • Can operate batteries of any type
  • Digital display (battery voltage and current, time, discharged capacity -Ah-, programmed discharge parameters)
  • Integrated recorder, PC interface (RS-232 or USB)
  • Dedicated Trendcom software for data capture and analysis, automatic test report generation, export capability to external spreadsheets (MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc...)
  • CE certified, UL/CSA certified, quality control according to ISO9000



Nominal voltage

Stress range

: 85-135 or 180-250 V ac single phase


Maximum power:

250 W, 50/60 Hz

Standard models


Battery voltage

Maximum discharge current


12~48 V

100 A


12~48 V

200 A


12~96 V

200 A


24~135 V

150 A


48~220 V

75 A


48~400 V

40 A

Mechanical characteristics

External dimensions

325×560×550 (height) mm/unit


2 mm steel


Set of 4 wheels for easy transportation





Forced ventilation

Control and measurement

Digital display

Battery voltage (V)


Battery current (A)


Elapsed time (hours.minutes)


Programmed test stop voltage (V)


Maximum scheduled download time (hours.minutes)


Unloaded capacity (Ah)

Buttons and controls

Three buttons (SET, +,-) for programming and control


Two potentiometers for current regulation (fine and coarse regulation)

Maximum discharge time

48 hours


PC Interface

RS-232, USB, TrendCom PC software for data capture, analysis and printing


Download the catalogue: Amperis Battery Discharger.

Download the catalogue of Amperis Battery Discharger.

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