CoroCAM 7

CoroCAM 7

The CoroCAM 7 corona effect camera is a camera used to visualize and locate corona and electric arc discharges. This camera shares the same ultraviolet imaging system as coroCAM 6D, but additionally combines it with a high-performance visible camera and viewfinder. This camera is used for high voltage inspections.

The high-sensitivity detector detects the smallest corona discharges that can be recorded as a high-resolution image or video. It incorporates GPS, Ethernet port for remote control and high power flashlight. The camera has optimized presets for the detection and location of discharges.

General characteristics:

  • Detects UV-C emissions up to 2.05 x 10-18 W/cm2
  • Crown signals above the threshold level are displayed in real time.
  • The camera has a large visible color zoom camera with a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels.
  • Large backlit LCD display with variable angle and bright color (they are optimized for daylight use to make inspection comfortable) All relevant information is displayed on the screen.
  • You can vary the blind sunscreen to non-blind sunscreen for use at night or indoors, increasing its sensitivity.
  • The camera records still images and video on board in high quality formats.
  • Lightweight batteries with high autonomy.
  • Possibility to perform quick start and restore the user profile.

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