• High-sensitivity UV detector, which can detect UVc light at 2.05×10-18 Watt/cm2, this allows detection of the smallest corona discharges.
  • 9Hz (or 25Hz optional) IR radiometric camera module
  • Control of a limited number of camera functions from a standard RC controller using PWM or SBUS.
  • Remote control of all camera functions from the laptop via an Ethernet link.
  • Soft sync or staggered zoom of the 3 channel cameras. The IR and UV channels are digitally zoomed in, which is visible...optically zoomed in to the minimum FOV, and then digitally zoomed out.
  • Manual or automatic focus for the visible channel, UV and IR channels have manual focus or can be synchronized with the visible channel.
  • On-board still images, video and radiometric data recording in high quality formats.
  • Fast setup and startup avoids the need for power-saving modes.
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) shows all relevant data information.
  • Easy operation of the camera via a multi-function keypad.
  • Manual or automatic exposure of visible and IR (level) cameras, UV (gain) is manually adjusted.
  • Integrated GPS with internal and external booster antenna
  • Metadata recording of camera settings and measurements in addition to manually entered environmental variables: distance, air temperature, air pressure, ambient humidity and wind speed.
  • Ultraviolet ray intensity sampling box.
  • The UV overlay colors have 6 presets or 255 selectable tone levels.
  • Control of translucency of the UV overlay.
  • UV threshold, integration control and noise reduction
  • 14 IR color palettes with contrast isotherms.
  • Auto or Manual IR Span.
  • Integrated LED flashlight and optional laser pointer
  • Updating the camera software by downloading to the SD card.
  • USB port for media download and Ethernet port for remote control.
  • 15 months warranty.



Visible Camera Zoom: 28x optical, 12x digital : LWIR Optical Camera Zoom: 1x optical, 8x digital

Camera UV zoom: 8x


Optical Wide Zoom: 16° | Tele Optical Zoom: 2° | UV & IR Zoom Channel: Digital to match visible FOV - up to 4x zoom |

FOV with UV overlay: All optical FOV | Digital zoom / magnification: 12x from minimum optical FOV | Focus: Automatic or manual on IR and visible channels, UV linked to visible/IR or independent manually |

Minimum focusing distance: UV 0.7m, VIS 0.7m, IR 2.3m


Ultraviolet: (Solar Blind mode) 2.05 x 10-18 Watt/cm2 | (Non Solar Blind mode) ~1 x 10-18

W/cm2 : Infrared (NEdT): <50mk : Visible: 0.4 lx (F1.35, 50% IRE, ICR off), normal 0.01

lx (F1.35, 50 % IRE, ICR on), automatic low light


Ultraviolet: 640 x 480 pixels | Infrared: 640 x 512 pixels | Visible: 768 x 576 pixels


Ultraviolet: Averaging and integration : Infrared: Automatic flat field correction (0.5s) Auto level and

length : Visible: Automatic low light, manual exposure


Fusion Channel: Threshold mask, variable translucency : Fusion accuracy: better than 1

miliradian : IR & UV palettes: Standard IR + UV Rainbow


Keyboard: Multi-function buttons | Menu: Icon-based menu system | Remote control: Via Ethernet, SBUS, PPM


USB: Auto USB 2.0 connection | Ethernet: Video streaming & remote control |

Composite video: PAL formats


Image Format: Images saved as JPEG or AVI (H.264 compression) | UCF radiometric file contains: Displayed image, UV raw image, LWIR radiometric values and Meta-data | Meta-data contains: Camera settings, GPS location, range to object | Storage: SD Card (Up to 64GB)


Image Series Numbering: Allows automatic sorting of images when downloading to PC for reporting Gallery & Viewing: Viewing recordings : Upgradeable field: Download latest firmware

Quick start: Power on to record capable in 60 s


Battery: Watson Li-ion, Type L| Operating time: 4hrs maximum


Weight: 1.6 Kg | Dimensions: 188 mm L x 156 mm W x 129 mm H |

Operating temperature: -15 °C to 55 °C | Storage temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C


Storage / Carrying case: Pelican style hard plastic case : Camera housing: IP 43 tested

Physical protection: Shock-absorbing covers : Safety standards: CE, IEC1010-1


Includes: Gremsy T3, DJI Ronin, and more

Download the catalogue of CoroCAM 8 UAV.

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