Mini-Infrared Module IR-SF641

Mini-Infrared Module IR-SF641

Suitable for drones, industrial temperature measurement, security control, outdoor pointing and other applications with high volume and power consumption requirements.

Detector typeVOx uncooled 
Pixel pitch12μm 
Picture frequency50 Hz 
Spectral range8∼14μm 
Fixed focal lens thermalized9mm、 13mm、 25mm、9mm、 13mm、 25mm
 35mm、 50mm、 75mm 
Thermal imaging operations  
Brightness/gain adjustmentManual brightness / gain; Auto brightness/manual gain; Auto brightness / gain 
Image enhancementDDE digital detail enhancement 
Polarity switchHelp 
Digital zoom1.0~8.0X 
CalibrationManual calibration, automatic calibration at power on 
Noise reductionYes 
Interface contentPower supply, analog video, 16 
 bits, reserved user I/O 
Analog video output1 channel PAL or 1 channel NTSC 
ControlUART (TTL 3,3 V) 
Electrical system  
External power supplyDC5V 

* Ex IC nC op: explosion proof certification which version is IIC T4 Gc NETD equals values: ≤0.015°C@30°C (VOC) volatile organic compounds

Download the catalogue: Mini-Infrared Module IR-SF641.

Download the catalogue of Mini-Infrared Module IR-SF641.

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