APQM-707 wave quality analyzer

APQM-707 wave quality analyzer

This equipment is a power quality analyzer according to the European standard EN 50160. The Amperis APQM-707 is a high-tech product that allows universal measurement of the parameters of 50/60 Hz electrical networks, as well as the analysis and recording of these parameters.

The purpose of using this equipment is to analyze the quality of the electrical energy. The analyzer fully complies with the requirements of EN 61000-4-30:2011 class S.

As for the specifications of the device, it is worth noting that it is designed to work with networks:

  • With nominal frequency 50 / 60Hz,
  • With nominal voltage: 64/110 V; 110 / 190V; 115 / 200V; 127 / 220V; 220 / 380V; 230 / 400V; 240 / 415V; 254 / 440V; 290/500 V; 400 / 690V.
  • DC Network

The equipment is compatible with connection networks:

  • Single-phase
  • Two-phase with common N conductor
  • Three-phase star with and without conductor N
  • Three-phase delta.

The equipment is delivered with a powerful software tool that allows the analysis of the measured data. With the software, general data such as measurements, events and waveforms can be extracted. These measurements can be of many types (voltage, frequency, etc.) and the events can represent different situations (jumps, waves, interruptions, etc.)

The reports reported by the equipment can be saved as various files such as PDF, HTML, CSV or TXT, according to the EN 50160 standard

  • Time diagram
  • Waveforms
  • Harmonic diagram
  • Value/time diagram
Download the catalogue: APQM-707 wave quality analyzer.

Download the catalogue of APQM-707 wave quality analyzer.

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