APQM-711 wave quality analyzer

APQM-711 wave quality analyzer

The APQM-711 wave quality analyzer enables measurement, analysis and recording of 50/60 Hz network parameters and wave quality diagnostics according to EN 50160. The APQM-711 is an innovative and unique model, it has Wi-Fi communication with the included tablet. The tablet allows all operations to be carried out remotely and with its 10" touch screen it is very easy to operate. From the tablet you can operate the analyzer intuitively and quickly, we can also perform the preview of live data and reading and analyzing data stored in internal memory.

The APQM-711 is a unique device that combines the advantages of a very accurate analyzer that allows multiple measurements with a built-in display and a tablet through which the device being tested can be diagnosed very quickly. The device has GPS and for indoor use it has an additional antenna with 10 meters of cable that is placed outside to track the GPS signal and synchronize it internally with the clock.

The APQM-711 wave quality analyzer has a transient recording with a maximum sampling rate of 10 MHz (rapid voltage changes) and control signals, with the minimum duration of the recorded transient being 650 ns. The analyzer can be used with all types of network with a nominal voltage of 110 V to 760 V

This equipment complies with IEC 61000 standards for Class A and is intended for a wide range of users in the energy industry, industrial maintenance companies or network analysis companies; who need to control power quality with a mobile device. In compliance with the IEC 61000 standard the equipment includes

  • Uncertainty of measurement
  • Measurement methods
  • Time synchronization with a reference signal.

It works in the following networks:

  • Single-phase
  • Split phase with N wire,
  • Three-phase star type, with and without N-cable
  • Three-phase delta type,
  • With constant voltage
Download the catalogue: APQM-711 wave quality analyzer.

Download the catalogue of APQM-711 wave quality analyzer.

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