Analizador de redes eléctricas SHARK 200

Analizador de redes eléctricas SHARK 200

Powerline analyser SHARK 200

General features

  • Compact design
  • Class 0.2 in energy, typical accuracy 0.1%
  • Front serial port for programming once installed
  • Integrated RS-485 (Modbus and DNP 3.0 protocols)
  • Self-range in voltage and current

Industry leading technology

  • Billing meter features
  • Low cost
  • The easiest to use Meter on the market!

Basic Functions

  • Multi-function meter; all parameters of a three-phase network are measured: V, I, cosφ, f, %THD, and power and energy - Measures Every Aspect of Power including Volts, Amps, Freq, %THD and All Energy Functions
  • KYZ pulse for accuracy certification; the equipment typically has an accuracy of 0.1%, this is verifiable with the KYZ pulse output
  • RS 485 port; Modbus and DNP 3.0 protocol
  • Bargraph - Scale in % to get an immediate idea of the measurement
  • Simple and intuitive programming
  • Optical port - Startup and configuration possible from a PDA or laptop
  • Minimisation of options - Inputs with auto-switching and AC/DC supply
  • Two possibilities for the current input: no connection: the cable is passed through the equipment, with connection: the typical form Superior Current Inputs - Wire direct CT inputs or use Current "Gills
  • Minimum gap required - only one gap of 92×92 mm is required in a panel
  • High quality/price ratio - it's the best equipment in its class
  • V-Switch technology: Once installed and either from the network or the optical port, the measurement functions can be increased:
  • V2 - 2 MB logging capacity
  • V3 - V2 + Harmonic analysis
  • V4 - V3 + Alarms and control functions

The Shark 200 represents a qualitative leap in the market's quality-price ratio

Technical features

  • Accuracy - 0.1% or better for power. Meets ANSI C-12.20, IEC 687 Class 0.2%
  • Communication - Modbus protocol 57.6 kb (RS 485 and IRDA port)
  • Sampling rate - 400+ Samples per Cycle / 24 Bit A/D Resolution
  • Current input protection - 20x range limit for 10 seconds
  • Voltage - 0 ~ 720 V L-L (0.1% accuracy for 69~420 V L-N)
  • Current - 0 ~ 10 A (accuracy is guaranteed for 0.15~5A)
  • Frequency range - 45 ~ 65 Hz

The communication functionalities and inputs/outputs are expandable even after installation

  • Ethernet: RJ 45 port, possibility to send alarms by e-mail, "Total Web Solutions" application: the card hosts a web page with all the measured parameters
  • Fiber optic port with input output (57.6 kb)
  • Analog outputs, 4 channels 0~1 mA or 4 ~20 mA.
  • Control inputs
  • Hardware cards are automatically detected

Advanced measurement features

  • Registration function (2MB). There are 4 types of record, each data is associated with time:
  • Recording of up to 64 measurement parameters (programmable)
  • Alarm logging
  • Status recording of inputs and outputs
  • Data reading registration, change of password, change of password, etc...
  • Advanced harmonic analysis. Possibility of measurement up to 40º degree harmonic

Advanced measurement features can be incorporated into the device after installation.

Up to 8 analog outputs with current injection proportional to any parameter

Control outputs

[Boolean logic]

[Limit setting]

The 2 MB of the recording function allows different types of recording and enables the following data to be recorded:

Historical records

  • Up to 3 configurable time series
  • 64 parameters per series
  • Series of system events:
  • Deletions of demand
  • Password request
  • Booting up the system
  • Power erasures
  • Deletions of series
  • Reading of series
  • Changes in settings

Input/Output status series

  • Time series of input and output states
  • Series of the change of state of the inputs and outputs with time data
  • Up to 2048 events

Limit and alarm set

  • Magnitude and duration of events
  • Time data and alarm value
  • Up to 2048 events

Events for exceeding limits

  • Any measured parameter
  • Up to 16 limits
  • Stress unbalance
  • Current Imbalance
  • Based on percentage of end of range
  • Boolean logic

Power Quality

The Shark 200 offers the possibility of fiber optic communication

Harmonic analysis (V3 Option)


Shark was a basic oscilloscope

Typical applications of the Shark 200

Load profile

Possibility of recording multiple parameters of a substation. This allows a detailed analysis of:

  • Load profile
  • Use of a certain element of the substation
  • Power factor or phase imbalance trends

Low-cost telemetry solutions

The different communication possibilities of the Shark 200 (RS 485, ethernet, optical fibre, ...) make it possible to implement it in any substation with any communication infrastructure:

  • New installations or modernisations
  • Several simultaneous communication outputs
  • Up to 12 users can access one meter

Front End Layout


Back side

Download the catalogue: Analizador de redes eléctricas SHARK 200.

Download the catalogue of Analizador de redes eléctricas SHARK 200.

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