Dielectric Rods Tester MSP-100R

Dielectric Rods Tester MSP-100R

Product Summary

  • Testing according to EN 60832: 2010, ASTM F711, IEEE 978.
  • Simultaneous testing of four rods.
  • The use of two transformers of 50 kV, connected in antiphase, to obtain 100 kV per 300 mm of the rod length, allows to significantly reduce the size and weight of the equipment, as well as to reduce the level of carona and ozone formation in the air.
  • The equipment can be mounted in a car or trailer of suitable size.
  • Additionally, dielectric covers can be tested using stands CTS-1, CTS-2 and CTS-3.

Product Description

Dielectric Rods Tester MSP-100R is designed for:

Testing of insulating equipment:

  • Hot sticks - 100kV every 300mm, up to 3m length;

Allows Testing under EN 60832: 2010, ASTM F711, IEEE 978.

Three-year warranty

All adjustments are controlled via menu-operated microprocessor-controlled system. With selection of test voltage, current limit, and test time. Microprocessor control provides the user with menu-based system. This eliminates any chance for operator error and provides an extremely fast changeover from one class to another. Current readings of all positions are conveniently displayed on control panel, and peak current during the test is saved on screen, for easy record keeping.

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