Oxygen Analyzer Rapidox 1100Z

Oxygen Analyzer Rapidox 1100Z

Zirconia oxygen sensors are common solutions for providing fast and accurate gas analysis over the low ppm oxygen range. They are particularly suitable for monitoring inert atmospheres and aggressive industrial applications within manufacturing processes.

Configuration of the analyser allows for the instrument to be panel mounted with the gas fittings at either the front or rear. Other variations of the analyser include a three-channel multiplex version, which allows for three gas streams to be sampled from separate points. Gases can be analysed in sequence or at intervals set from the front keypad controls or software.

The Rapidox 1100 range can also be used to control an external proportional flow control valve (PFC) or a single solenoid relay using a remote signal output (RSO). These are exceptionally useful within inert gas blanketing applications, where the analyser can regulate the level of gas based on the measurement of oxygen via the PFC or RSO control function.

Though highly configurable to suit individual customer requirements, the Rapidox 1100 range possesses a number of standard features to enhance functionality

  • Low maintenance zirconia sensor
  • Fully configurable software
  • Fast and accurate response
  • Simple calibration procedure
  • Fully programmable outputs
  • Data logging
  • Pump or ejector option
  • Two programmable alarms
  • Operates on worldwide mains voltage
  • Password protection


Metal Heat Treatment
Glove Boxes
PCB Production
Inert Gas Blanketing
Research & Development


  1. Calibration Kit
  2. Thermal Printer
  3. Multiplex Sampling System
  4. Calibration Service
  5. Gas Recovery Bag
  6. Gas Filters


O2 Sensor Range


O2 Sensor Accuracy & Response

±1% of the actual oxygen concentration. Approximately 4 sec for a 90% response

O2 Sensor Life Expectancy

17,500 hours

Ambient Operating Pressure

900-1100mbar absolute

Ambient Operating Temperature

5o C to 35o C

Max. Sample Gas Pressure


Max. Sample Gas Temperature

60o C

Warm-up Time

1-2 minutes


90-260 VAC, 50/60Hz

Voltage Outputs

0-10V, user programmable

Current Outputs

4-20mA linear, user programmable

Digital Outputs

RS232 (RS485 option available) Data streamed on demand. Modbus RTU/Ethernet


Requires up to 5 user selectable gas compositions

Sample Connections

4mm ID/6mm OD nipple type. Rectus or Swagelok. Front or rear positioning


20 x 4 character OLED

Analyser Dimensions

Bench: 150mm(H) x 253mm(W) x 272mm(D), Panel: 300 x 4μ (177mm(H) x 300mm(W)


3.5kg (4kg with bezel)

Pump Option

Main type diaphragm pump. Variable speed 0-1.2 litres per minute

Ejector Option

Vacuum ejector fitted, running off inlet pressure


Relay circuits, user programmable

Download the catalogue: Oxygen Analyzer Rapidox 1100Z.

Download the catalogue of Oxygen Analyzer Rapidox 1100Z.

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