SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7

SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7

SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7

We developed the AGRU-7 for our customers, who needed more storage and retrieval capacity than with smaller trolleys, but without the high volume and price of wheeled equipment. The equipment is designed to recover, temporarily store, condition and provide SF6 gas. The equipment is designed for field use in insulated metal-clad switches, bus ducts and individual switches. The AGRU-7 SF6 Gas Handling Equipment is fully assembled on two heavy duty wheels, which are sufficiently reinforced to minimize vibrations. The trolley is completed with an eyebolt, hose with hook and power cable.


  • Storage capacity: 156 kg (tank).
  • Vacuum capacity:
  • 17 m3/h (60Hz - 110V) <1mbar
  • 14 m3/h (50Hz - 220V) <1mbar
  • Evacuation pressure < 0.5 mbar
  • Weight: 350 lbs - 150 Kg
  • Dimensions: 62''x40''x58'' - 1575x1015x1470 mm - (H x W x D)
  • Optional:
  • Electronic scale
  • Tank Heater
  • Stainless steel pipes and hoses


  • SF6 gas recovery, purification and storage from the breaker to the storage tank
  • Evacuation:
  • Hoses < 1 mbar
  • Handling trolley SF6 < 0.5 mbar
  • Air and humidity of the switch < 0.5 mbar
  • Purification of the SF6 gas is achieved by recirculating it through the filter system:
  • (D1) & (D2)- Dry Filter - Contains activated alumina to aid in the drying and purification of SF6
  • (P1) - Purification Filter - Contains a 5x molecular sieve to remove arches from the product
  • (F1) - Particle Filter - Will filter out all material particles below 0.1µm
  • Recharge pressure of SF6 gas from storage tank to regulated switch
  • Evacuation of SF6 gas from handling equipment to an external storage tank for maintenance purposes


  • Mounted on a trolley with 16" (400mm) tires for easy movement
  • Very easy to handle - only two valves to change and operate in the different modes
  • High pressure, oil-free, directly controlled compressor with a 1000:1 compression ratio (capable of 1000psi - 69 bar)
  • Capable of storing SF6 liquid gas
  • Purifies, dries and filters down to 0.1 µm during recovery and re-pressurization
  • Easy filter replacement without disconnecting any tubes or using any special tools
  • Auxiliary connections allow storage of infinite amounts of gas using external tanks
  • Includes 9.8ft / 3m hose and power cord
  • Moisture indicator changes color to indicate gas humidity
  • Mounted on a wheeled trolley with storage rack where it can hold up to 3 SF6 cylinders. Storage of 156 kg


  • Recover and purify SF6
  • Evacuate air and moisture before refilling
  • Can be used with SF6 cylinders
  • Storage of SF6 in the liquid state in the storage tank or in auxiliary bottles
  • Regulated SF6 filling
  • SF6 purification (removal of particles, moisture and products from SF6 decomposition).

AGRU-7 Specifications


Portable SF6 Gas Recovery Unit

Physical specifications

58" (1470 mm) Width x 40" (1015 mm) Length x 62" (6.5 m) (1575 mm) // 350 lbs. (150 kgs.)


110Vac/60Hz - 220Vac/50Hz - other configurations available (choose when ordering)

SF6 Compressor

Three single-stage, oil-free high pressure compressors with direct drive capable of producing pressures of 70 bar. 0.5kW motor, 3450 rpm. Compressor built in metal with a displacement of 3.3 m3h-1.

Suction pressure regulator

A suction pressure regulator, brass body, 0-2 bar spring

Equalization circuit

An equalisation circuit, allows the compressor to be restarted by high pressure

Check valve

Three check valves, brass, prevent high pressures from returning to the compressor when operating at low equalization pressures


A high-efficiency, 4-step, ventilated SF6 condenser assists in the liquefaction of SF6 for high ambient temperatures

Discharge pressure

A discharge pressure switch automatically cuts off when the maximum permissible pressure is reached.

Vacuum pump

Engine: 0.37 kW, 1750 RPM, TEFC electric motorDisplacement

Sealing pressure: 20 µmHg (0.03 mbar)
Pump also includes: check

Storage tank


(D1) & (D2) - Pre-Drying and Drying Filter - Contains activated alumina to aid in the drying and purification of SF6(P1) -


Designed for pressure, temperature and flow. Teflon sealed bronze body, quarter turn.

Pressure gauges

One for equipment pressure, composite (4" stainless steel)
One for discharge pressure (4" stainless steel)

Vacuum gauge

0-50 mbar for Vacuum System

Pressure regulator

A pressure regulator, brass body, 0-7 bar spring, allows safe regulated filling of SF6


Two strong rubber hoses: 12 mm I.D. X 4.5 meter. Long, complete with self-sealing quick connect fittingsHoses

AGRU-7 Upgrades and Optional Accessories

Stainless steel pipe

Unit can be supplied with stainless steel pipe instead of standard copper pipe

Stainless steel hoses

Unit can be supplied with stainless steel hoses instead of rubber hoses

Storage tank

Optional SF6 cylinders. Size: H, 52 kg, CGA 590 valve connection without check valve, 99.9% dry can be supplied. The AGRU-7 has a capacity of up to 3 cylinders giving a total capacity of 106 kgs.

Storage tank heater

300 W storage tank heater. Heater comes with its own power cord and a thermostat pre-set at 125°F (52°C) and is protected from overheating by a temperature cut-off. The heater maintains a uniform temperature for a constant positive pressure, allowing the filling process to be accelerated

Electronic Scale

Optional electronic scale to monitor the filling of SF6 cylinders. The scale system comes complete with configurable maximum weight points and a carriage attachment system

DN-20 style connections

Unit can be supplied with DN-20 style connections on both the equipment and the hoses

Increased hose length

Unit can be supplied with 6m of hose instead of 3m

AGRU-7 Consumables

Filter D-1

Dry filter - recommended to be changed every 50 hours of compressor operation

Filter P-1

Filter Purification - recommended to be changed every 50 hours of compressor operation

Filter F-1

Particle filter - recommended to be changed every 50 hours of compressor operation

Vacuum pump oil

The oil in the vacuum pump has to be checked every time it is switched on. Available in two sizes: 946 ml or 3780 ml

Download the catalogue: SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7.

Download the catalogue of SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7.

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