Maintenance of MV/HV transformer substations

For the maintenance of MV/HV transformer stations, we use the 2014 High Voltage Regulation, specifically 3337.2014 (depending on the activity to be developed, the maintenance of transformer stations, we have taken it as a reference and I enclose a copy of the regulation published in the BOE (Official State Gazette): Monday 9 June 2014 No. 139) For the maintenance of HV lines, we will use the 2008 Regulation specifically 223.2008.

In order to clarify what technical means are required for installation companies for high voltage installations, we detail below the requirements for these companies:

Installation companies must have the following minimum equipment; this is necessary equipment for any category. For any category, a generator with a minimum power of 5 kVA must be available, as well as torque spanners to ensure the tightening torques of the connections.

The QMOM-200 S3 can be used to measure the resistance of the equipment under test with a real DC current of 1A to 200A. * Tensiometer with steps and contact with a 5A current source for third category installations, and with a 50A current source for higher category installations.

Up to now category AT1, the additional equipment for category AT2 is as follows:

With the above, the specifications for the measuring equipment necessary to obtain the status of MV/HV installation company based on Royal Decree 337/2014 are covered.**