CoroCAM 6D

CoroCAM 6D

The CoroCAM 6D corona effect camera is a robust, lightweight and easy to operate camera with an ultraviolet imaging system. It stands out for its innovative design and improved sensitivity, which allows for higher quality inspections. Sensitivity has been improved thanks to the blind solar filter packages and the low noise, high sensitivity detector.

The NBS mode (for night or indoor use) eliminates the SB filter and allows more UV light to reach the detector by increasing the camera sensitivity.

The high-sensitivity detector detects the smallest corona discharges that can be recorded as a high-resolution image or video. It incorporates GPS.

General features

  • Detects ultraviolet C emissions up to 2.05 × 10-18 W/cm2
  • Crown signals above the threshold level are displayed in real time.
  • The UV gain, threshold or integration are configurable to optimize the resulting image. Ultraviolet translucent layer.
  • Video camera resolution of 768 x 576 pixels, light levels up to 0.0004 lux.
  • Synchronised UV and visible zoom and automatic or manual visible camera focus control
  • Lightweight batteries, with high autonomy.
  • Large backlit LCD screen (variable angle, brightness and colour), optimised for daytime use to facilitate inspection.
  • Camera easy to use with one hand through the multi-function keypad with quick access keys for specific functions.

Example of CoroCAM 6D operation

Download the catalogue of CoroCAM 6D.

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